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  1. That makes me feel a bit better about my impulse decision to buy it. I paid 300€ for the anvil, a small forge without burner made from an old propane tank, 2 small blacksmithing tongs, a hardy tool, punch, chisel and some scrap. All I need now is a propane Venturi burner for the forge and getting the shed into a condition good enough to work in.
  2. There's definitely worse things to get addicted to. Anvils seem to hold and increase their value pretty well. Speaking of value, what would you guys think is a good price for mine? Still think I might have paid a bit much.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome Brooks is also the closest match for shape. How did you go about finding out anvil makers from that time? When i search for that i mostly get results that are not even related to actual anvils. I'm guessing it's pretty good quality then? Is it cast as one piece or could it have a face plate welded on? I can't seem to find a seam I hope it's good because I paid about double from what I initially planned to spend on an anvil of this weight. Once my shop is all set up it's finally time to transition from pure stock removal knife making to forging as well
  4. Hey there, I'm new here. Like many others, I too bought an anvil and need help identifying it. It may (or may not) have a little bit of history in it that could be interesting (or not). I am located in Germany and the anvil i bought is definitely British. The shape is a classic "london pattern", just like a Brooks with a relatively thick heel.I'm pretty sure it's cast steel since the only hole is from the bottom straight up and the ring is fairly high pitch and long lasting. The only markings i could find are stamped on the opposite side of where you would normally expect the makers mark
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