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  1. It used to happen at the beginning when I ran it for several hours. But this last knife that I spent maybe an hour heat treating started doing it. I’ve got 100# tank and usually run the forge between 10-12 psi.
  2. Recently over the past month or two I’ve noticed that after sometime forging I start getting a liquid (I assume is liquid propane?) dripping in the floor of my forge. It makes the fire bricks on the floor real tacky and sometimes leaves a crusty residue on the surface of my work piece. Can anyone tell me what it is, what causes it and how to stop it?
  3. Sorry for the late response been putting in 8 hours a night all week working on another knife for my friend. I really appreciate the constructive criticism. I guess I’m my own worse critic. Even though I’ve only made 6 knife I feel like I should be producing a much higher quality knife so I’m real critical of my work. I just want to make sure that my quality is good enough to put my name on. I’ll definitely work on everything you all have pointed out. I really appreciate. Thanks
  4. Thanks. What stood out the most for you fit and finish wise? I’m very critical at a bunch of different parts. Just wondering what stands out the most?
  5. I need help pricing my knife. I recently made this knife for my dad for Father’s Day. It’s forged from 80crv2. Scales are around $30 alone. About $120 in materials and 15-20 hours of work. I’ve had several people wanting to buy it or one similar. I have no idea where to start price wise. I know how to come to a price. But I feel like the math exceeds the value of my current skill. It’s my 6th knife I’ve made. And with $120 in materials and 20 hours of work at $9/hr. That’s $300. I don’t feel like my work is worth that much. I’d like to hear what everyone’s opinions are. Thanks
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