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  1. I've got my pile of fire bricks. I've got a piece of class 8 truck frame for an Anvil. I might even have a chunk of RR track someone turned into a sort-of Anvil hiding somewhere. I've got a variety of incorrect hammers, and possibly the correct style somewhere too. So now all I need to figure out is what torch to stick into my pile of bricks. option 1 - oxy-acetylene torch. option 2 - harbor freight weed burner also, any suggestions on how to "mount' the torch?
  2. It is hydraulic cylinder rod stock. Just a thin layer of hard chrome plating over precision ground steel. This isnt decorative chrome where they will plate stuff under it to give it more luster. Chrome melts 750 to 1000F hotter than steel, so vaporization shouldn't be a big deal. I would guess by the answers that nobody here has tried it. I'll see if I can scrounge up some better stuff before trying it.
  3. I have some 1 1/4" chromed rod, 1045 I think. I was going to try messing around with. Will the chrome flake off? Or just wreck any chances at getting something quasi useful?
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