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  1. Okey So in my case of 800 and up to 8000 high, change the direction of the grain change?
  2. Mean start with the low and up to higest ?
  3. Okey I was just thinking from left to right
  4. Yes is let's say I start with 800 from left to right I have to change the direction dan who I go to the next grain?
  5. I live in Austria and I have sandpaper from 800-8000
  6. do you mean start with the highest and down to the lowest grit
  7. in my case do you mean that I should start with 8000 wet sandpaper and always sand from left to right? and what does it look like who am I to finish with the 8000s then I change the direction let's say next 7000s I have to grind down from top to bottom?
  8. I ordered the sword online, it was only made from Japanese steel but not in Japan but in Germany
  9. Okey Thanks for the help I will give it a try
  10. Oky That means with 800 until all scratches are completely gone and only then switch to the next grit
  11. Das hei├čt ich poliere mit den 800er von links nach rechts und mit den 1000er von oben nach unten
  12. what do you mean with different angles?
  13. do you mean first the 800 wet sandpaper from left to right and then with a 1000 sandpaper from top to bottom
  14. Okey which grain i have 800-7000 wet sandpaper
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