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  1. Well.. purchased a new Peddinghaus 77lbs anvil and a Heuer 180 vice (for other shop duties as well). Lets see if I find a use for it
  2. This might sound stupid, but could I use a Evenheat ovn, to heat the steel, then shape it on a anvil? A electric forge... :p
  3. Hi All. I was wondering, what is he "cleanest" way of making knives. I have a small woodworking shop, that I dont want to cover in soot and grinding dust. But I want to make a few knives a year for testing and gifts. My thinking was: Buy bar stock and cut it out myself. Or have it waterjeted by a third party. Grind in a separate room. Then heat treat in ovn (even heat or something other) Im not sure, but I believe a small propane forge would create to much moisture and soot? The woodshop is 12,5ft x 18,5ft or 230 sq ft, with a smal "storage" area of 70sq ft where I can grind. If you have other ideas, please share!
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