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  1. Pugiones... Pugiones... two are in the making. One is for a client... The other one for the taking! A Pugio is the Legionary's backup weapon. Longer than a Dagger and considered by many as a Roman "Short Sword" the Pugione, much like a Gladius is the backup weapon worn on the Left Hip or over the Groin of the Soldier. These Pugiones have a "Gladius" style hilt replicated and sized from known Roman Gladius Hilts. There were other Pugiones that had Metal Plated Hilts and full metal Scabbards. Here is the progress of two blades being made side by side. One is for a client, the one on
  2. Although I specialize in Roman Swords and Scabbards from 300bc to 4th Century ad, I am looking to branch out and sway off my regular trail and make a few historically accurate Rome knives, not Pugiones. If you have any reference materials, research information, drawings or photo's of Roman Knives, Utility, Folders, fixed blades and curved blades from 300bc to the 4th Century ad (Not pugiones) I would like to start this thread. I think it would be interesting to gather a group of people here... share... and maybe create some works on our own and post them here. This pos
  3. Another Satisfied Client... (With Explanation) First of all... this Sword is a Custom Made 1st Century Fulham Gladius that is Historically Accurate/"Inspired By." It is Historically Accurate in the Blade and Hilt Shape, Weight and Balance. However the Artwork on the Guard and Pommel are "Inspired By" Roman Mosaics of that Era and not from an archeological discovery. The grip is of historical record. The inset guard plate is made of brass and carries the family name which is engraved. The sword weight 1 lbs 8 oz. and is made from 1095 high carbon steel. The point of balance is 4.25" from th
  4. Rob... (I know this is a "BLADE" sight...) But here are some in the process pics of the scabbard creation. THis is the portion of the Cameo that was found. Not everything is there, so using other research materials from the 1st Century AD... I filled in that I believe was missing in my preliminary drawing. The main area was Repoussed (Raised from behind... then flipped over in the pitch and what I am doing in this picture is "Chasing" back the silver and beginning to add depth and details. What it looks like from the backside once the metal has been "raised
  5. Although I create my own blades and specialize in Roman Swords, Pugiones, Knives and Scabbards from 300 b.c. to 4th Century a.d. and still researching... I have had people ask me questions like: "Do you forge blades or are they Material removal?" Answer: Both. Do you re-hilt existing blades? Answer: Indeed. (See Below.) This is my latest Sword “Re-Hilt” and Scabbard Creation Commission for a client. The Sword Blade is an older Albion "Tiberius" Fulham blade that I Re-Hilted for the client. The hilt is inspired from a Hilt I created for a Museum here in the United States that was b
  6. Ahhhhh... LOL these acronyms get me at times... Well, if you would like to see "Works In Progress" check out my facebook page: Master Carver and Maritime Artist Patrick B. Pointer. I have WIP's, some short tutorials and pictures of both the sword making progress and scabbards there. I also will be having a Giveaway there soon, so make sure you "Like" and "Share" the page to be eligible.
  7. Hey Rob... Thanks! I am not sure what a WIP is though? Pardon my ignorance. L
  8. Doug... Thank you for the complment? Please don't be or feel depressed. I have been there... the deepest depression ever and I vow... never to go back! When it comes to just about ananything in my life... I have always had this belief... If I can "See it" in my minds eye... I can achieve it! I hope that my works inspire you to do greater things than I have achieved. I am still "In process" and I have far from "arrived" to my greatest potential. Still learning and gleaing from others. Keep the edge Sharp! In His Service and Yours --Patrick
  9. Clint C... Yes, it is a mixture of hollow ground and flat.
  10. There is the "Scorpion" A 1st Century Roman Fulham Gladius I created as a "Free Giveaway" It went to the WINNER in Southern Australia. 1st Century Fulham Gladius. Hand carved Hilt in Walnut and Italian Olive Wood. Blade 1095. The "Scorpion" Engraved inst Guard Plate in Brass. The "Scorpion" and the Legion Insignia... Engraved inset Guard Plate in Brass.
  11. Here is a recent 1st Century Roman Mainz Gladius i created and call "The Avenger" (Style) That is my own "Name" of the style of the hilt. the "V" that is hand carved in the Guard, gives me the name. It is totally Historically Accurate and based on Archeological Discoveries and measurements other than the blade is made of 1095. A 1st Century Mainz Gladius with historically accurate Gladius and Scabbard. I call this style "The Avenger." Gladius and Scabbard The smooth draw... with a sheep's wool lined scabbard. The "A
  12. I have not posted here in a while. So here is a commission I completed for a client who is a Roman Reenactor. These are for the most part, historically accurate in Dimensions, Materials, Styles etc. Two of the plates on the Sword Scabbard are not based on archeological discoveries for scabbard plates, but are based on Roman Art that was known in many different areas of the 1st Century A.D. Hope you like what you see. 1st Century Roman GLadius on the left, Roman Pugio and Scabbard on the right. The Hilt materials are: Pommel and Guard, Hand carved from European
  13. Greetings! This is A Question for Stephen Bader Co. B3 Owners or those familiar with the B3's. I was just blessed with 2 Stephen Bader Co. B3's and I am working at upgrading and adding attachments to them. Now, forgive me of my ignorance, I am very new to the 2" x 72" Belt Grinders. Both of these grinders were purchased from a polishing company that went out of business... I will not post the prices I paid but I can say that the two of them came together with 6" contact wheels and 1" Slack belt arms on industrial rolling tables that adjust up and down and a dual 6" Wh
  14. Working on a 1st Century Fulham Gladius and Scabbard.

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