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  1. Thanks Aiden. I see what you mean with the handle alignment and the back 1/4 of the blade. Could be a problem. I will check on that to make sure. If it is a problem would cutting the handle down to a hidden tang instead seem like a good way of saving the knife?
  2. Thank you! I was thinking I had a bit too much beef on the chefs knife handle. Nervous about trying my first hidden tang knife. I will probably slim it down.
  3. so I am still pretty knew to knife making and have a limited arsenal of tools. I have enough to get the job done; like a 1x30 belt grinder, angle grinder, hand held drill, files, and sand paper. I heat treat with charcoal and a hair dryer for right now. Long story short, as I am new, any critiques (constructive) of my current works in progress? A chefs knife and a pair of larger pairing knives. Thank you in advance for and help. By the way, I'm using 1084 steel since I'm using charcoal to heat treat.
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