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  1. Thank you so much for the info. VFD and motor all wired up and working like a charm, first time. Can’t thank you enough. Now onto making the drive wheel and I’m home and dry - hopefully!
  2. Hi everyone, Would appreciate some advice about the cables to use. I’ve got my motor - 2.2kw 3hp 3 phase, and my VFD is arriving tomorrow. What size cable do I need? I’m struggling to work this out so any advice on this and how to wire it, add a plug etc would be really appreciated? thanks in advance
  3. I just created an account to say thank you for this post. im same situation as OP and was wondering about vfd’s motors etc and this really helped. Like REALLY helped! im getting to the final stages and have my motor on order then I’ll be looking for a vfd. No doubt I might be back trawling the forums for more golden nuggets. ive never attempted any sort of fabrication work before and I’m learning everything on the fly. Thanks again.
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