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  1. Thank you. It has one hidden pin. I Have finished blade blanks before, this was the first blade I ground and hardened myself. The hole at the lower end was not centered well so I thought that it would look better with a hidden pin.
  2. Blade inspired by Sheffield Harrison and Howson hunting knife. Blade 4 mm thick XC75 steel, +- 60 HRC, 15,5 cm long. Total length 27 cm Bronze bolsters and liners. Sambar stag handle scales Copper bolster pins, hidden handle pin and domed handle pin. Any tips or critique are more than welcome.
  3. I have the same experience. Trying to finish blades with an eye to detail according to my skill has certainly changed the way I look at knives. Recently I handled production and custom knives I have owned for years and noticed details and/or shortcuts that I had not noticed before.
  4. Micromesh polishing pads are not expensive and last a long time.
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