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    Blacksmithing and blade creation, just starting now to learn this ancient craft. Keeping family and home safe, Staying healthy. Fishing.
  1. All, thanks so much for the advice, especially Alan for doing the deep dive for specs. You've made this new guy feel very welcome. Full disclosure here, I am JUST starting into bladesmithing after thinking about it for ever, and don't want to mess up this pretty unique blade steel. So the finished knife could be quite a ways off yet. Fortunately, there is a very accomplished bladesmith gracious enough to take a group of us Vets under his guidance. I will take pics/video thru out and post those as it progresses. Any help/critique/advice humbly welcomed. I am recently r
  2. USN Aircraft Carrier Arresting cable...Has anyone forged a knife using a piece of aircraft arresting cable? It is a mix of differing dia. strands, had a fibrous rope core (now removed). Been degreased. I am unsure if it is galvanized. I assume it is X(XX) grade plow steel. Just wondering if anyone has tried this cable, and would appreciate any suggestions pertinent to this particular cable. It is section of the "pendant" that trapped the first F-35 carrier arrested jet during sea trials aboard USS Nimitz. I would like to give the Test Pilot a nice memento.
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