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  1. Mariano, can you provide any info on cable + brass bullet making please?


    1. Mark S

      Mark S

      Sorry, that's bullet vice bullet. 

      (Bah humbug spell check)!

  2. Alan...Thanks for reply, between you guys on the forum and a friend I've asked, you've steered me away from a "I can make this thing work" FUBAR. One friend mentioned that Jim Poor uses one to press in pattern dies, so somebody is using to work at least one facet of damascus. Mr. Poor has access to a lot more resources than I ever will, (but that doesn't diminish my love of big bad ass machines). Thanks all....on to next hair-brained scheme.
  3. Geoff, Matt...thanks for your replies/keeping me from spending foolishly!! Hadn't thought that when on stroke, that punch head is going all the way to end of travel, or something is gonna give. So that pretty much rules out using to do an initial packing, or shaping to billet dimensions....without an array of dies similar to what's seen in video of Granford Bruks type setups. Machines I'm researching are big (~10 feet tall/fly wheel ~3.5 feet), but not that big (and lotsa dies would break the bank). Could be useful for stamping in patterns if I can get it cheap, but guessing the scrap
  4. I have line on a couple big, elec driven, heavy flywheel punch presses from 60's period. Rated at 45 tons, Cycle (or hammer) rate is 90 per minute, stroke is 4" +/- 2.5", shut height of bed is 12' (not sure what this last spec is describing). No question regards this equipt being more than structurally robust for the purpose. My main question: has anyone converted a machine of this nature to a be a press for forging purposes? Most specifically, will the flywheel mechanism generate sufficient force to work a damascus billet efficiently? Not to stand in for an air hammer where drawing
  5. Thanks for tip. I knew Osborne had done some DVD's, and looked at their descriptions online, but didn't see any content for dambrascus as part of the DVD. Has anyone in forum viewed this title and recalls that it includes making dambrascus by blending molten brass with cable??
  6. If their is already an existing file or discussion thread, I could not locate that. If not, if anyone has experience making this, I would appreciate any guidance. Thank you
  7. All, thanks so much for the advice, especially Alan for doing the deep dive for specs. You've made this new guy feel very welcome. Full disclosure here, I am JUST starting into bladesmithing after thinking about it for ever, and don't want to mess up this pretty unique blade steel. So the finished knife could be quite a ways off yet. Fortunately, there is a very accomplished bladesmith gracious enough to take a group of us Vets under his guidance. I will take pics/video thru out and post those as it progresses. Any help/critique/advice humbly welcomed. I am recently r
  8. USN Aircraft Carrier Arresting cable...Has anyone forged a knife using a piece of aircraft arresting cable? It is a mix of differing dia. strands, had a fibrous rope core (now removed). Been degreased. I am unsure if it is galvanized. I assume it is X(XX) grade plow steel. Just wondering if anyone has tried this cable, and would appreciate any suggestions pertinent to this particular cable. It is section of the "pendant" that trapped the first F-35 carrier arrested jet during sea trials aboard USS Nimitz. I would like to give the Test Pilot a nice memento.
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