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    Just starting out smithing. Big into fitness and rugby (either code, don't care), as well as fantasy books.
  1. Hello again friends! On the last thread I started you were all really helpful and kind. Hoping that I might be able to get a few more pointers! My first question is a simple one, what type of fire extinguisher is best for a propane forge? I've been doing some research in the UK (where I'm from) and there are a variety of types and I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out which is the most appropriate. My second question is about protecting my walls. I currently have plyboard walls (couldn't afford to build the workshop out of blocks) which are covered in
  2. @Charles dP That's so generous of you! Thank you! I think it'll make most sense for me to get it from Victas as Bristol isn't too far but thank you! They're the only place I can find in the UK that gives specifics about temperature AND that I can buy direct from. Everything on ebay/amazon doesn't specify what temp the product is resistant too. As a side note, I'm blown away by how generous and kind this community is as a whole.
  3. A new regulator seems to have done the trick! Dad needed several aspirin and a beer though (wise suggestion Tim). It's now so hot that it's eating through the fibre insulation, any suggestions on what to use as a replacement? Would bricks be better? Photo added of the insulation fibres Thank you all for your kind and generous guidance!
  4. So if I'm understanding you correctly Tim, it may be a simpler fix than anticipated by buying the correct regulator? When you're talking about a gas jet, do you mean something like an injector or simply the point where the propane enters the burner? I read on another forum a post a guy made when building his own forge and he used injectors in his burners, is that something I should consider? I've got a couple more pictures I'll post from this morning
  5. I was starting to fear this, thank you for confirming it. Encouraged that I might be able to do something about it though. I'm working today, I'll be in the workshop tomorrow and will take a bunch of photos and post them. The cylinder is an LPG one (propane). My dad is gas safe registered and is really hot on gas safety and recommended a Gaslow cylinder above anything. (i'll include photos tomorrow). The regulator is a screw on one. Looking up the one I've got, it's 37mbar, which from what you've said isn't good enough. I'll take photos of the rest tomorrow
  6. I've attached a couple of photos from a couple of weeks ago. It was during the day with the roller door half closed (extractor fan on), it was mostly overcast with some sunshine. That's very kind of you, I'm based in the UK (Somerset/south west) so I think that may be a bit far.
  7. Hi! I've very new to smithing, I've wanted to do it for years and finally got my act together and started doing some in the last couple of months. I bought a propane forge on eBay, and I think it's struggling to get to a decent heat. It's taking about 45 minutes to get the steel to reach a bright/orange red colour to start with. The forge itself is a metal box with 3 burners, white fibre insulation (which I've coated in foundry clay). I've put a hinged door on one end but the other end is completely open. Does anyone have any tips/modification suggestions
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