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  1. I'm barely starting now. Later in line than I wanted to. But I'm putting with towards it. So all I have is really early work at the moment. Stuff I just am trying with. My first knife was all grinding no forging from an old file. This is my second knife I ever made also all grinding and no forging. I have a third one also from a file but it's not done. I've been working on my actual hammering skills more than anything right now. It's a slow process but I hope to get as good as some of the stuff I see on here some day. But I'm definitely motivated to be able to do it
  2. So this is my first knife I've even tried to make. I'm very new to the creat and am excited to learn more. But definitely want to be able to show the improvements from where I'm at now. So here you guys go. Don't have process pictures which I need to get good about taking. But here's the result as of now
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