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  1. Is it wrong that I bring it in from the shop at night? Anyway a little more filling to do in the fuller and I'll be heat treating it, hopefully, Saturday evening while I hand candy out for Halloween. I need to get a new battery for my kitchen scale but the bathroom scale says it weighs 3 pounds now. The blade to the tip is a hair under 32 inches and I want it at 31, so there goes a couple ounces. More coming soon.
  2. I started with steel that was way too big so the excess grinding to get it where I want added a couple days on the build. Thankful I spent the money on a good grinder. I'm trying to get it finished this month, but the hard part will be the leather on the handles. The sword is 5160, the dagger is a rail road anchor. At completion I'll post the stats.
  3. Thanks. I hate the handle on most kitchen knives. I like to choke up on them and can be uncomfortable with traditional knife handles. I have that one to a chef friend who uses it at home for everything from chopping vegetables to making sushi. The balance point is right where he pinches.
  4. Thanks Alex, that'd be great!
  5. Was it a chisel grind? I was also asked about doing a single handed version of this with a large curve on the front.
  6. I am not at all familiar with a fleshing knife other than what I just saw on Google. Has anyone made one that can help me out with design factors such as bevel angles and general sizes? My boss at the day job was asking about one and I'm game for trying to make it.
  7. Still have some cleanup but it's 5160, mild steel, and deer antler. Pommel is peened on and it has epoxy inside the handle.
  8. I hardened a blade today with the sole purpose of breaking it before temper. I haven't snapped a blade since I dropped one in concrete and picked up 2 half knives. I'm very happy with what I found. I, as a rule, will airways thermocycle three times quenching on the third. It's 5160.
  9. Thank you for that. If I can figure out how to use that chart it will be invaluable.
  10. Thank you, I do want it to be practical, I'm keeping the tip in line with the hilt to try and keep thrusting an open option and I'm considering a spear tip or even a double edge on the curve to open more options. Saying it's primarily a chopper is my own mistake. I was looking to make a fun design that actually works for multiple uses, I figured the way the blade is, better chopping would be a natural effect of that.
  11. Thank you both. Jerrod if you were going against this sword, it's going to end up 21 to 22 inches I think, what would you expect to have to deal with on this design? Maybe a strange question but I'm curious. Alan, your work is amazing, do you have any other suggestions? I was planning on a moderately heavy pommel, with the overall weight less than 2 pounds, I was expecting at least a few of those ounces in the pommel to offset the blades design.
  12. Ok, I designed this to be a solid all purpose short sword, the forward blade was to be for heavy chopping and the rest slicing and hooking. The thing I'm not sure of is where to put the center of balance. I don't want the thing to weigh more than 2 lbs tops thus the fullers. The closest design I can relate this to would be a khopesh and, for the life of me, I can't pull up where it balances. Also, in spite of its short length I'm tempted to go hand and a half on the hilt for added control and power. Suggestions or teaching points?
  13. Ok, It's nowhere near done but getting the shape as close as I did to my sketch makes me happy.
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