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  1. Chad J.

    Old Axe

    Wow, thanks for all the info guys! It's going to be a bit before a handle is back on it but this helps tremendously with the design and size of it.
  2. Chad J.

    Old Axe

    This got a bit interesting tonight as I cleaned the ax up. You can see a seem where the forge weld is between the body and the bit, and I think that's a maker's mark on the back. Anyway it cleaned up nicely but the bit is rusted up badly and is chipping away as I try to bring an edge back to it.
  3. Chad J.

    Old Axe

    I've had an overnight soak in vinegar and a gentle brushing recommended. I don't want to lose the great surface texture and age so I'll be proceeding very carefully.
  4. Chad J.

    Old Axe

    Thanks Jake! It certainly does look like that. I'll be taking the rust off with a gentle acid bath then I'll find or make a new handle for it. I'm torn between making it usable again or making it a wall hanger.
  5. Chad J.

    Old Axe

    This ax came from an estate sale for free. This looks to be an old felling ax and part of its beard has broken off but I can't find any pictures. Any ideas? I'm going to try to clean it up and rehandle it.
  6. That's amazing, I have to ask because I can't see it clearly and I'm so new to this still. Do you epoxy around the file work on the tang or do you use a spacer of some kind to fill it in?
  7. I'm still in the driveway on the journey. I started end of June this year when I suddenly had more time than I anticipated and have been going hard since. I've got 12 or 13 blades forged, my first was from a coil spring and I've mainly stuck to simple leaf springs and solid wood scales. I'm even trying for a little short sword but I need to fix the tang on it. The top is my first knife, the bottom is my most recent chef's knife.
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