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  1. It's been a while since I've posted here but I've been busy. Mostly working on decorative blacksmithing to pay for tools and propane. Well my hammer got the best of me recently and I took on my first Kriegsmesser. This has been the fastest I've forged and (almost) finished a project. I have the final edge to do and done polishing. I like a rougher finish, wire wheel finish on mild steel fittings, and grinding the blade down to a 600 grit before going with a green conditioning belt. 5160 steel, 42 inches long with 31 inch blade, weight is just around 4 pounds with cog 7 inches in front of the guard. It has a constant distal taper from point down to the base which is 3/16th inch. 2 inches wide at the base and 1 3/4 inch at the curve to the tip. Handle is a bit narrow unfortunately but I'm considering ways to add mass to it without having to pull it apart and weld material on. I just have some fit and finish work to do but overall I'm happy with this... and have started on the next.
  2. I never have just one in progress, how many blades are in your too finish pile? I have some divots work to do on this lovely pair, simple 5160. The sword has a hickory handle this is going to get a leather wrap, the side dagger has a stacked leather handle. I wanted to keep them simple and utilitarian, like what a middling level soldier might have been able to afford. Hopefully I will get one or 2 of the following done soon...
  3. Thanks!....I'm going have to look that one up....
  4. I did this out of a rail anchor. Blades 15, over all around 21. COB is 3 inches in front of the guard. Has a nice taper from the guard forward. This has the best grind lines I've done yet, my first brass guard, and the shortest amount of time from when I first lit the forge to completion. Usually stuff gets set aside for a while on flat surface covered in other projects.
  5. Just some recently completed blades. Nothing fancy. The seax I did a mustard etch on the blade to give it a faux patern welded look and hickory. The curvy kitchen has a maple handle and scandi grind with micro bevel, and the last was just fun.
  6. That's a heck of a way to up the challenge on this. Time do to some more sketching.
  7. One of the Marines I went to Iraq with has asked if I can make him a xiphos, he wants to get himself a retirement present. In doing my homework on the design aspects of this I see that the handle had scales according to the references but looking for contemporary examples for design I see generally hidden tang designs. I am considering a framed handle to allow the guard to be fitted a bit easier. Anyone have suggestions? Any pointers on forging this? I obviously have to make 2, one for myself, errr, i mean practice, and the final product. Quick picture of the current design. It looks a bit off to me, like the blade is too long. WARNING; My mind is a mess so everything is all over the place.
  8. Ok, so I came up with a design for it finished enough to test and this is what I've got. Simple lawn mower blade, not quenched, the bevel goes all the way around the blade at about 45° and rounded to avoid a sharp edge on it. It's handle is comfortable and designed to be able to reverse the knife to use the different curves and straight edges. I went with a simple make handle brass pin and lanyard hole. I am expecting to make another with design changes after I get feedback on this one from my boss.
  9. Is it wrong that I bring it in from the shop at night? Anyway a little more filling to do in the fuller and I'll be heat treating it, hopefully, Saturday evening while I hand candy out for Halloween. I need to get a new battery for my kitchen scale but the bathroom scale says it weighs 3 pounds now. The blade to the tip is a hair under 32 inches and I want it at 31, so there goes a couple ounces. More coming soon.
  10. I started with steel that was way too big so the excess grinding to get it where I want added a couple days on the build. Thankful I spent the money on a good grinder. I'm trying to get it finished this month, but the hard part will be the leather on the handles. The sword is 5160, the dagger is a rail road anchor. At completion I'll post the stats.
  11. Thanks. I hate the handle on most kitchen knives. I like to choke up on them and can be uncomfortable with traditional knife handles. I have that one to a chef friend who uses it at home for everything from chopping vegetables to making sushi. The balance point is right where he pinches.
  12. Thanks Alex, that'd be great!
  13. Was it a chisel grind? I was also asked about doing a single handed version of this with a large curve on the front.
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