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  1. Thank you sir. Just got done welding a tube up. I ended up putting a piece of plate with a hole for my tube across the front. But thinking about it it will probably get really hot so I may need to cut that part off.
  2. Ok I have read in a few places now about either wood or coal in the forge/baffle tube. Could you explain to me what this does?
  3. Not sure what a whisper daddy is and honestly a little scared to Google it lol This is kind of what I'm thinking
  4. Ok I found it! Question for you. I thought the baffle tube was to keep the direct flame off the item. Yours has a ton of holes in it. Also I like the idea of isolating the flame with it.
  5. Hello all, I have been making knives for 1.5 yrs and been wanting to step up my game with the heat treat process. I have a home built forge(from a air tank) with 2" kaowool, ridgedizer and refractory cement with 2 "frosty" T burners, a 20psi regulator and it's been fine up to now. I want to make some modification and would like some thought/ideas on my set up. Some of the things I want to do is the following: Take my horizontal set up and mount it vertically(I saw someone heat treat like this and liked the idea) the inside of my forge is round and not flat, I believe this would help with my other idea to hang a "baffle" pipe dead center of my forge. Also I ordered a thermometer with a K coupling that I want to somehow insert into the baffle pipe to get a accurate reading. No idea how to do this as of yet. Not sure what the probes will look like and if any or all will melt lol. I will attach some pictures although they are a little old. Anyone can offer me some thoughts?
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