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  1. I asked and he didn't have any on hand but was going to check on price. The stuff he has on hand now is stuff that was there when he got the shop so he he is trying to sell it at a doller a pound but I've got him down to about .35 a lbs .
  2. Thank you all for your info to let you know what I have to work with I have a double burner gas forge and a treadle hammer with a 100lbs head and I'm going to make my hand tool because I like making all my own stuff just like the thammer and forge
  3. Thank for your info it's vary helpful ! The reason I started asking about the 8620 is do having a hard time finding a anvil in my area most of them are 700+$ for a 100 +lbs anvil so I found this man who had a alternative which was a piece of 8620 16" round stock 16" tall and I was sure that would do the trick.
  4. What about 01 and D2 tool steel same man is selling it a buck a pound
  5. Ok thank you for the info I have already made my fuller dies out of chromoly round stock that I had and I'm hopping it works good.
  6. Has anyone tried to forge 8620 and if so does it make a good knife. I'm just starting out and a guy has a ton of round stock in this for cheap but I don't know much about the steel.
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