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    Ukrainian Cossack sabers, history, collecting medieval weapons, forging, antique maps, motorcycles, archery.

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  1. Learning about forging as I go...  maybe it's the pandemic but I have had an urge to do something creative with my hands (insert jokes here) so I built a forge burner from a Youtube video (SUPER SIMPLE PROPANE FORGE BURNER! - ELEMENTALMAKER) and parts from Home Depot.  Before I did any investigating I built the forge body from fire bricks ($2 a piece) and slotted angle iron...  After investigating other forge designs I found that I would have better performance if the mouth of the burner was inserted flush with the brick so I bought a ceramic fire brick to carve out the hole for the burner as this was impossible for me to do with traditional firebrick because it is so hard and would crack...  Then I found a local tool seller that has a selection of anvils.  I am starting a forge on a budget to see if this is a hobby I would enjoy and am willing to invest in so I bought a broken anvil for $475 (sweet 225 pounder).  My son helped me move a nearby cut down tree stump that I levelled, I borrowed a hammer and vise from my dad and bought a blacksmith hammer from the anvil guy Ted.

    I remembered I found a railroad spike two summers ago at my sons camp and picked it up thinking it's a cool souvenir...  It turned out to be my first forging project.  




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