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  1. I did try different speeds with the drill and used Cobalt bits. I used regular old 3 in 1 oil. My biggest concern was (based upon all those youtube videos) after I cooked it twice, the file never seemed to get a good bite. With a lot of pressure the file would at best scratch the steel. Sandpaper worked ( using belt sander and rotary tool) and those cheap diamond files worked, but the steel file never seemed to get any bite. So I have been assuming I did not get the steel soft enough.
  2. I did optimistically rely on the house oven thermostat. I tempered twice. One hour each time at 400 degrees. I do have a thermometer I can use on the next one. I did this tempering after I was about 90% done with the shaping.
  3. This is my first effort at knife making. Started with a file. Should have spent more (or any) time on layout but eyeballed the whole thing. Did some of the shaping with an angle grinder but most of it was done with a 8" bench grinder. Also used a rotary tool (saw) to add detail to it. I really must have messed up the tempering because even though it was light purple on the edge after the first hour at 400 degrees F, I could never get a drill (cobalt bit) to even scratch the handle. I temperd it a second time hope to get at drill through. The whole blade came out purple but the drill st
  4. Is there a downside to using diamond files over traditional files?? When trying to put an bevel on a file transitioning into a knife, I find my cheap Harbor Freight diamond files work better than my traditional files.
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