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  1. Alan, if I were to let the blade soak too long (I didn't with this one) can I just let it air cool and try again or have I permanently damaged the steel??
  2. Yes, Brian. You correctly deciphered my imprecise language. I soaked and quenched then waited half a day before beginning the temper. I will happily update you all that the blade came out of the oven with a beautiful color of straw. It seems to hold and edge nicely. It does stand up to some moderate abuse without chipping or, deforming. I'm still hand sanding but so far so good.
  3. This was an unexpected lesson learned. Thanks Alan!
  4. The steel came from a very old Nicholson Bastard File (made in USA).
  5. Last night I heat treated a blade. It was too late to dedicate any time to tempering, so I put it in the oven this afternoon for the two 2 hour temper cycles. Does waiting 12 hours between completing the heat treat and beginning to temper change the end result?? Will the steel be any different than if I had begun the tempering process immediately??
  6. It started with the cutting of the tang. Im not sure what I was thinking when I did that. Spent a ton of time trying to get to force the handle to fit the tang. Also had a few grinding issues. Lot's of good feedback! Thanks! I learn more the fkups than what goes right. I also believe the first pin is too far forward.
  7. Getting better as some things. Lots of room for growth.
  8. It was a pretty old piece of steel. After I hardened/tempered it, I beat it up pretty good on a hard piece of oak. It chopped pretty well. The edge held up really well. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.
  9. I agree. Like you, I'm not in love with the result. It does feel surprising good in the hand. It is more triangular that shows up in this picture (fat and flat on top and thinner on the bottom). I meant for the middle section to to be deeper (from top to bottom) in order to get a kind of recurve toward the base, but I fcked that up somehow. Lots of lessons learned on this one. It started out life as a farriers rasp.
  10. My first attempt at a hidden tang knife. Many challenges. Many things learned.
  11. The primary purpose of a check valve is to prevent a reversal of flow. It seems like what you want is a self actuated pressure control valve. This kind of valve should close in the event of a sudden loss of downstream pressure.
  12. Is there a preferred method to remove rust from files? I bought some files in an estate sale. A few of them are rusty. I would like to clean them up but do not want to do any damage. to them. My first thought was vinegar, but I am open to other methods.
  13. If the oil is a little warmer at quench does the steel not harden as much??
  14. I made a knife from a small file to use as a paring knife. I finished it to near mirror finish. It wasn't perfect but pretty good. I used it to cut the peel off a grape fruit and the acid seesm to have etched the blade. Is there anything I can put on the blade to protect the finish??
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