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  1. Thank you for the reply. I'll have to run some experiments with the steels I have and see how they behave. -Adair
  2. Hello there, Could you tell me more about building a blade in this manner? What tool steel did you use and what welding process? I've been wanting to build a polearm forever. I've tried making them from big circular saw blades but making big fussy forge welds has proven too elusive (for the style of halberd I'd like to make). Your technique looks very appealing. -Adair
  3. Wow, great feedback. Thankyou for all the ideas. Steven, I do a lot of chisel work on my pommels and guards, but I've never come across scrapers. Do you have an image or link to something that might help me understand what kind of configuration these might have? -Adair
  4. Hello all, I am a brand new member here. My recent hobby is taking manufactured sword blades and making hilts. I forge all that I can but I like more developed forms of guards so there is always welding involved. I dress most all of the welding with files. My question today is what tools are recommended for carrying the finish beyond fine file work. 2" scotchbrite pads? Dremel flap disks? I'd love to know what people use. I'm looking for a brushed or satin finish, not a bright polish. Attached is a current project to show my progress after course file work. Next is a past
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