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  1. For those who are interested: I realised I never shared the end result in this topic. So here it is. not the best photo but you can see some activity on the blade. A couple of days ago I visited my friend for who the knife was made and the little activity that was on the knife disappeared completely, haha. I recently finished another knife in 1075 and wanted to give it another shot. I used ferric chloride this time. Sanded the knife to a 3000grit finish. Then dipped it in the ferric and cleaned it with 3000 grit sandpaper and fine steel wool. Repeated that proces a couple of t
  2. Allright thanks for the additional feedback everyone. Maybe my expectations of the hamon were a bit too high. Im going to finish this one as it is and give it to the friend for who I'm making it. I'm curious to see how the patina wil develop over time. If I get some good pictures of it in the future I'll share it in this thread.
  3. Here some additional photos of the polished blade were you can see the area of the hamon a bit: Can it still be an option to soak it in vinegar for example (for a couple of hours?) to get i really dark? And then try to polish it to a nice result with mothers mag? Or will this be a process with a lot of room for error and/or an ugly looking hamon at the end? If anyone still has a good option that I can try I'm more then willing to give it one more go!
  4. @Alan: I have overlooked your first response, but thank you for the information. I have been trying to polish the blade with mothers mag but it just didn't came out the way I wanted. And I was already considering to finish this blade without darkening/polishing the hamon and keep that on the to-do list for a later attempt. And thanks to all others who responded as well! If anyone still wants to add something to this thread, please do. I'm really appreciating this feedback.
  5. Indeed! What I've read is that the soft steel should darken with lemon and the hard with vinegar (usually). But all the different acids and methods have the same effect.
  6. Hi all, I've read quite a few threads about hamons in this forum but I wonder if anyone knows what's going on with my blade. I heat treated the blade with satanite and eventually sanded it to a 1200grit finish. At this point I can clearly see a light line were the hamon is. But when I try to darken the blade with vinegar and/or lemonjuice it has the same result every time: I used different types of vinegar and lemon juice (fresh and bottled), and applied it with different temperatures (lukewarm to near boiling point). I had a lot of tries by now
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