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  1. As suggested, drilled the tang to drop some weight
  2. Decided to try out some 1095 and do a camp knife for a friend and a large pairing knife...gotten farther on the shapes than this, but just wanted some basic feedback on design. Started with 3/16" bar stock and worked on straightening and flattening the bar. Going to use full tang Micarta for the camp knife and Kirinite with a hidden tang for the pairing knife; I'll have a 1/4" integral bolster on the pairing knife (just so I can try doing one). For the camp knife, I'm going to grind the bevel all the way to the spine and try to add a brass bolster. The pairing knife's b
  3. understood; the aesthetic was a bit less important to me on this build to me as the 'can I do it' factor, but I see what you're saying and I'll keep that in mind with future builds
  4. A few more photos for details. A lot of hand grinding since I don't have jigs and I had to improvise. More than anything, I wanted to see what I could do...
  5. Certainly makes sense, and certainly not trying to hide defects :-) I'll get some more pictures up soon
  6. LOL, . Didn't want to waste a post showing the tedious stuff, like a bar of steel, then ground one, etc. I'll try to more tedious in the future
  7. Obviously "first" not "fist" attempt
  8. Getting close on the handle and I still have polishing and sharpening to do, but overall pretty happy with a fist effort. Blade: 1/4" 5160 13" overall, 7 3/4" edge Scales: black and orange G10 secured with 3/32" brass rods and epoxy Feedback welcome
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