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  1. I'll just do it, read a lot and grab informations from the forum to just start it and learn with experience. Thanks for the help, guys!
  2. A charcoal forge is better for my conditions, but I appreciate the support!
  3. Sorry for the mistake The forge welding is a skill that I want to learn, but first, to make an axe or a hammer I need to be able to punch out the eye and making a hole on a thick piece of steel isn't easy, I guess. So here is my question: How hard I need to work and how much serious I need to take on blacksmithing to get these results? Could I get it with a simple anvil and simple tools? Where I live the charcoal is pretty accessible and is made out of real wood
  4. Hello guys, I'll start to build a small forge setup as a second craftwork, 'cause I'm in woodworking, but I want to make my own tools like chisels and planes and for blacksmithing as well, like tongues and hammers, but nothing too big and serious. The biggest thing I wonder to make is a axe with like 10 cm long blade for cutting branches. The hardest thing is forge welding. The forge is not a big problem, I've tested some things and I can make a functional charcoal powered one for me. The anvil, in other hand, may be a little of a problem I don't know all the points that I need to
  5. Thank you all the replies! I decided to use the torch just for HT small pieces for a while and later I will build a coal forge.
  6. Well, I judged, by the video that I posted earlier in this topic, that it can take the steel to the temperature.
  7. This answer was enlightening, but the kitchen torcher can take a 1/2''x1/2'' thickness steel to the required temperature? If yes, how hard it is to get it?
  8. I've already seen this site, but it only tells about propane gas, mine is butane. Although the manufacturer of my torch mention that it can beat up to 1300°C or 2372°F
  9. I think they run empty fast if you use it daily, I'll use sporadically.
  10. Just for information, my setup is similar with that, but I want to make it in a coffee can for more efficiency and convenience. ( The video is marked at 2:11 )
  11. What did you mean with inefficient? It takes long time to heat up? The torch does not heat up evenly? Also my gas tank have propane but is only 6%, the rest is butane and iso-butane, how this affect?
  12. My purpose is mainly making tools for woodworking and I will use recycled metal for this, but, I tried to heat a 1/2'' x 1/2'' thickness bar with the torch in the air and I didn't get much heat for anneal it, so, I'm asking if a mini forge like this will do the job.
  13. Hello, I'm wondering on build a small coffee can forge for small projects ( up to 5 cm or 2'' ) and I have a kitchen torch like this one on the photo. I want to know if the forge will get enough heat and some opinions and experience or tips on it, like how much time it will take to get hot. Thank you all!
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