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  1. Thank you everyone. I was trying to figure out those files. They were saying smoothing out body panels on cars. This would fit with all the automotive items at this auction. Old T-bird and parts. I have looked into a forge. A Hells Forge 2 burner. From the reviews it seems solid, not a wallet killer, and best of all it helps support our Veterans. As for tongs, kinda figured they might be nice. Why burn your hands? lol
  2. Hi all! I am just getting started in the world of knife making. As of right now I have a AOS, rail road track pieces, files, angle grinders, flap disks, and cutting blades. I do have a lot of practice metal in the form of scrap to learn on. I just acquired some more in a auction cheap. I do not have a forge, but 2 propane torches. My questions: 1. Do I need to really get or make a forge? Im kinda handy, but feel a bit uncomfortable with making burners. 2. Bels sander is a needed piece of kit or go files for now?
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