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    Surfing, Sailing, Woodworking, Hiking, and... Drinking Beer. I am working on my first knife (Spring 2021).

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  1. Hey Guys, This is my first knife build and I'm doing stock removal. Got a 24" piece of 1075 from Aldo at .156" thick and 2" wide. I drew up two blades (one smaller than the other, with the same handle) and then decided to try a push dagger just because I had room in between them. The push dagger is not coming out so well. But anyway, I've got them all grinded into shape (see pic). Question is: do I put in the plunge line and begin grinding the edge bevel now, and then normalize before heat treating, or do I normalize now, finish the preliminary grinding, then heat treat and finish the edge? My guess is that it's better to normalize with more stock because there is less risk of over-heating a thinned edge. My assumption is that I still ought to normalize the steel even though I'm doing stock removal because the stock was forged at some point to begin with, and held at an unknown temperature, for an unknown period of time, etc. I plan to normalize with two cycles: heat to 1600 F then air cool to Black, Heat to 1475 F Cool to Black. Since I'm not forging I won't gain much from a third cycle at a lower, sub-critical temperature (which enters the realm of annealing)--Is any of that correct? Sorry for all the questions but, finally, is normalizing the same as thermal cycling? I mean there is a thermal cycle in a normalization process, but are the terms interchangeable? I can't seem to get it straight. Thanks as always. Rob
  2. Thanks Matt! Gerald, Ah you're right. Everyone forgets Accomack and remembers Assateague.
  3. Apologies if this was covered and my questionable search techniques weren't able to procure it, but is there a way to search for users (like a directory or perhaps a topic thread) in a given area? I'm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, between Delaware and that little waterlogged peninsula Virginia is ashamed of, and am looking to connect with some hobbyists like myself. This thought came to me as I went to look at a hydraulic press yesterday made by an awesome dude in my area who at 89 is phasing out of dangerous metalwork. I don't have the room and still can't figure out how this beast could be transported--his idea was to disassemble it, but he also seemed to think other human beings shared his mechanical brilliance--but it be great to find other people in my vicinity. Thanks for reading!
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