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  1. Wow! That looks super cool! Will definitely have to give that a shot!
  2. I am really liking where the W's are at now. I am in the process of making a set of ladder dies for my press. I think I will use them to lader pattern my W's billet.
  3. Thanks Brian & Billy for your ideas! That's a cool looking knife Billy. I have thought of doing another billet of twist pattern and making a multi bar, but I don't know. I think at this point I will cut into 3rds, restack and weld. Then decide if I should do a mosaic, or accordion cut.
  4. Might be out of the price range, but I would love to get an Anyang AFP hammer from James.
  5. Hey, not sure where to go with my W's billet from here. I started this with only 13 layers. I doubled up on the 15n20 so it will be a brighter PWS. I did the tradition way for W's by forging out the billet, squaring it, then flattening out on the bias. I cut it into thirds, restacked, forge welded and drew that out. Right now it is at .480 thick 1.5 wide and I will have about 10" of useable steel. I cut off the end for a test etch and so far I really like the pattern. It may be tighter away from the end. Just not sure where to go from here. It is probably to thin to accordion cut, what about a
  6. Alan, that is super cool! Nice looking blade! I might have to make a set of dies like this for my press. Do you know about how deep the holes are drilled in the dies?
  7. Thanks for the help! I have seen some SS rod for arc welders and I wondered if that would work. I am in the market for a new welder and thought of splurging on a combo that does arc/mig/tig. I hope my forge will get that hot! Ha
  8. Hello, I hope I am posting this in the correct place. I am wanting to try some san mai with 416 stainless on the outside and high carbon in the center. I seen a great wip post on here from about 5 years where someone was doing something similar, and now I cannot find the post again. Anyway from what I have seen others do is put the stack together and weld all the way around the bullet to keep air out so the stainless won't decarb so bad on the inside. 1st question is what type of weld/welder needs to be done around the edge? I have a arc welder but not 100% sure that with 6010rod wil
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