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  1. I thought this handle would be challenging. I came out O.K. I never did any silver work, I used Argentium sterling silver. I need to get better at silver soldering. Argentium does not conduct heat so it solders differently then regular sterling silver. I can see my seems if I look with a magnifier. So I need some practice. I also need practice peening. I only got 5 out of 8 of the rivet heads to blend so that you can't tell which side was peened over. Also the two pins holing on the but cap are visible to the naked eye. Again I apologize for the blurred photo's.
  2. I will try to post some photo's. This Dagger I made from a blade I bought. I wasn't meant to come out as well as it did. I was really bored so I thought I'd try some things I hadn't done before. Like bluing, fluting and silver wire inlay. I had a nice cow bone I was making the handle out of, but after getting all the fittings made I broke in and had make a copy out of wood. I tried to antique it to look kind od like bone. The fitting are rust blued. sorry if they are a little blurred. I really need a good camera. The stone between the guards is reconstituted jade.
  3. I just finished a couple knives that I had to do this on. I didn't take pictures . I will try to do this again, and take pictures this time. Can I show knives on show and tell if I didn't make the blades myself? I bought the blades for these two knives. I used to have a nice shop set up. But I got a bad medical diagnosis I thought I didn't have much time left so I sold everything so not to leave my wife with a bunch of tools and machines that she doesn't know what to do with. Well, that was 8 or 9 years ago and I'm still here, so I'm trying get a shop set up. Just bought a new forge and anvil
  4. Hello all, I think I have it down, but I do have a few questions. I take a steel dapping block, I think that's what it's called, and matching punch's. I cut a bunch of quarter inch discs out of what ever I'm using (silver, nickel silver etc.). Then punch the rivet heads on the block into concave caps. I then silver solder a .064" wire post straight out from the inside of half of them. Then drill a .064" hole in the other half of the caps. Then I taper or counter sink the hole from the top of the cap. Then slip the rivet with the stem through the handle, then I tap the head down with
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