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  1. Huh, hadn't thought of using my orbital sander. Seemed unruly, but doesn't mean I can't start with it and finish by hand. I usually just use my grinder for the cutting wheel, but I will look for videos on grinding a bevel. That bubble jig looks cool. Unfortunately, his site says he can't get materials right now. And is out of stock. I figured that was the answer. I do use a 4x36, but it's a cheapo machine. I use it a lot out of necessity, but I have to be patient with it to avoid stalling the motor. Great advice all around.
  2. It's funny you say that. I bought the jig only recently, holiday present to myself, and my knives thus far have been free hand. I guess the jigs looked pretty cool and was hoping for a more uniform grind. Do you have any suggestions on how to do more precise free hand work? YouTube , authors, forum posts. Thanks Alan, good call. I would probably have to use heavy stock to make my own and that makes it tricky. Thanks for the suggestions about the belts.
  3. Real new knife maker here. I bought this https://www.woodcraft.com/products/rikon-1-x-42-belt-x-8-disc-sander?gclid=Cj0KCQiArvX_BRCyARIsAKsnTxN4aVKsHca6aLaY4jjZlQ9fr_zQn58nxXWDA8EqWGohU0LSEsOXHkQaAljYEALw_wcB#. I got a screaming deal on it and it's certainly a potent machine, but the platen isn't long/ high enough for my jig. Here is the jig I am using: https://originblademaker.com/product/knife-making-belt-grinder-angle-grind-guide-regular/ . It's a great jig. So, the top of the jig is over the top of the platen. I might be able to attach the blank edge down at
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