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  1. 4th'd. I don't sell blades yet, but I have had my fair share of making things for people / buying things from maker friends and hearing horror stories. Explain to your mutual friend that you're glad they sent someone your way, but that this particular friend of theirs didn't value the time you put into your work, plain and simple. Good friends pay full price (unless you are kind and they have financial burdens, but that's it's own discussion). Hell, I have an artist friend who I think undervalues her own work, so the two pieces I commissioned from her, I paid her more than what she asked.
  2. This is awesome. Love your commentary, and the ingot you made is gorgeous!
  3. That totally makes sense. 3 inches thick is pretty darn big, I certainly don't expect my home forge to do that. It was more a qualitative "if they can get 3 inches in that time, I should be able to get 1/12 of that thickness in that time" Induction forge... Someday!! Got it. While forging alone, flaming newspaper cannon. While forging for an audience, human torch.
  4. That sounds AMAZING and now I'm definitely gonna go the burning newspaper route. Yeah, the Black Beauty seems to be the same price as I can source the parts for myself, and paying shipping seems worth the saving assembly time. I'll have to wait until March to buy one to keep the wife happy about how much I'm spending on this hobby, but man I'm excited now!
  5. Yeah, it's definitely on the list. I've been careful about using a respirator for now while I don't have it, but it' sounds like it might also help for the heat, so that'll jump up in priority. Thanks, Wayne! After looking at those pages, I have two questions. First, how much of the refractory and the IR reflective do I need for a forge this size? Would 1 5# bag and 1 pint work? Second, your instructions state to "Paint the interior with an infrared reflective" - forgive my ignorance, but does that mean paint over the refractory on the wool, or on the interior of the forg
  6. Thanks for the advice! Yeah, I wasn't sold on this design myself. I might do just that - make it taller and narrower and move the burner. Is there any advantage to angling the burner in from the top so it isn't exactly perpendicular to the forge body? I've read that in a couple of places, but most designs I see done just have it flat against the forge.
  7. Wrap it as in outside as well as what I have inside? Or do I just need thicker insulation inside? Yeah, I'm looking at some plans as well as at the Black Beauty from anvilfire. Might be a dumb question, but the Black Beauty has mounting instructions, and I have no idea how one would light it once you've mounted it to the forge body?
  8. Hi, everyone! This will be my first post on the forum, I'm stoked to be here! So, I recently built my starter forge, and I'm noticing that it's taking longer to get up to heat that I would expect From this source, it seems like it should be about 5 minutes per inch of stock up to 3 inches thick, and mine is nowhere near that (like < 1/4"). I definitely have a hot spot, as I can get 2-3 inches heated up in about that time frame, but the remainder of a piece just stays pretty cool for a long time. I have left the metal in for 20+ minutes and still just heated up that section that
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