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  1. They absolutely are, we used to hunt them as well as puff balls and cauliflower mushrooms when I was a kid in central Oregon. If you get some large morels they are also excellent stuffed with crab and baked.
  2. I hand sanded and etched this mistake damascus. It didn't work out like I hoped, but I still like it. I also etched this piece of mystery steel ant it turns out it was an end cut of an old piece of damascus that I had lying around. I kind of like it for the guard.
  3. I had this same issue, and my orthopedic surgeon gave me Plasma rich platelet injections, which helped quite a bit, the pain persisted for a while, but it did heal while continuing working.
  4. Wow, that makes me jealous! He was a true jenious!
  5. Thanks, I just saw your pattern manipulation post.
  6. That is what I did with this block, and not only does it look random, I am afraid the joints will be obvious. Oh well, every mistake is learning!
  7. Thanks, I will try that next time, appreciate the help!
  8. I forged 240 layers, rotated 90 degrees and forged down to about 3/8" thick (vertical layers on the end grain) then cut into 14 sections and stacked them with all of the end grain on one side. I thought this is what created the W's with all of the end grain stacked up. I don't really know what I am doing, just trying to learn by doing!
  9. Maybe I don't really understand how to do W's. It is 240 layers, I don't really have a plan for this, I will probably draw it out into a Bowie if I have enough. I only have the one cube.
  10. My first attempt at W's pattern. I am sure those more capable than me will see plenty of flaws, but I am very pleased! The side pattern I like as well, even though it won't really be seen.
  11. I always listen to music when I work. I love audiobooks when I drive, but in the shop I need to focus on what I'm doing so I loose the thread of the book. Lately I have been listening to what I would call the new outlaw country movement. Artists like Aaron Lewis, Hank Williams III, and Chris Stapelton. Although a l alway like a little SRV or some blues.
  12. The right way to do this is to broach the keyway. You will need a press (a small manual one will suffice) and a broaching kit. This will size the keyway precisely. I needed to do this on my homemade disk grinder.
  13. That is stunning, I love the clean lines and immaculate fit and finish. Definitely an inspiration!
  14. Beautiful knife, I really love the carving on the handle.
  15. Thanks, I will try again this weekend!
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