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  1. Unfortunately I have not been able to complete my entry.
  2. Great video, I have something similar to this, but I can clearly see mistakes that I made.
  3. Forged and rough ground a cleaver for my first commission.
  4. Finally finished. I may still blue the wrought-iron guard and but cap, but this is where it stands now.
  5. Thanks, I try to make each one better. I have remade every component of the handle at least once and some up to 4 times.
  6. I have been out of the shop for several months with family commitments but I got a little time this weekend to get back at it. Here are some progress pictures for anyone interested
  7. How do you make black epoxy? I tried by crushing some graphite pencil lead but it seems to have weakened the epoxy.
  8. I saw that as well, already saved pictures for a future inspiration!
  9. I can see that, I will work with the customer on expectations.
  10. Thanks, I will add that. I am not familiar with those, but I will look into that, thank you.
  11. Thanks for the input, I have never really used a cleaver so this is very helpful. I will target the .125 thickness since his main complaint was they weren't heavy enough.
  12. I just received my first commission for a cleaver. This is for utilitarian purposes for a taco guy. He will be chopping meat and vegetables. His complaint about store bought cleavers is they are too light and not sharp enough. I am thinking 80CRV2 1/4" thick with black micarta scales. Any design critiques are welcome. Thanks!
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