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  1. I never considered using scraps of wood, that is a great idea. I will try on my next blade. Thanks for the pitch recipe as well.
  2. It may well be. I am always struggling to get the blade firmly clamped so that it doesn't wiggle slightly during hand sanding.
  3. Thanks for all of your replies. I have been working a ton lately and haven't made time for my knife work. I think it was a pitch based substance, I saw a post where an individual would heat the material, mount the blade in it, and hand sand one side at a time while the pitch substance held the knife solidly.
  4. I recall a while ago I saw someone post something about a tar like material that was used to hold a knife blank for hand sanding. I tried searching for this but I don't remember what it was called. Does anyone have any experience with this or a recipe for this?
  5. I made some W's steel last weekend and today I cut the notches out of ot, forged it flat and gave it a test etch to see if it worked. I think is OK, but it seems like I have a ladder pattern looking quality to one side and some sections that look parallel instead of W's. I suspect that my problem was cutting the notches. I did it with a grinder and they weren't exactly even. Anyway thanks again to Mr. States for the tutorial.
  6. Thanks for all of you help to us newbies. Although at 50 that seems funny to say.
  7. I finished a new knife. I know the proportions and the handle shape are not what I would like, but I leaned a bunch of new skills in this build. I used hidden pins to align the guards, spacers, and handle. It is also my first frame handle out of twist damascus. I also forged a large bar of W's, thank you Mr. States for the tutorial you posted in the brief lecture on pattern welding post. I believe I was successful, but we will see when I chop it up to stack.
  8. They absolutely are, we used to hunt them as well as puff balls and cauliflower mushrooms when I was a kid in central Oregon. If you get some large morels they are also excellent stuffed with crab and baked.
  9. I hand sanded and etched this mistake damascus. It didn't work out like I hoped, but I still like it. I also etched this piece of mystery steel ant it turns out it was an end cut of an old piece of damascus that I had lying around. I kind of like it for the guard.
  10. I had this same issue, and my orthopedic surgeon gave me Plasma rich platelet injections, which helped quite a bit, the pain persisted for a while, but it did heal while continuing working.
  11. Wow, that makes me jealous! He was a true jenious!
  12. Thanks, I just saw your pattern manipulation post.
  13. That is what I did with this block, and not only does it look random, I am afraid the joints will be obvious. Oh well, every mistake is learning!
  14. Thanks, I will try that next time, appreciate the help!
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