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  1. Rust bluing. Doesnt require the high temps of hot bluing but takes a lot longer.
  2. Mr stocksdale, What is unsafe about tung oil?
  3. Your results look a whole lot better than mine. I had seen this post earlier and read it closley, but my attention span isnt what it used to be(kids). Freehand grinding is not for me Wes
  4. Thats some good info. I have thought about it just like that,but the lazy/excited part of me got the better. I need to make a wider work table for my grinder. Mine does not wrap around the platten because i wanted to be able to change belts quickly. Thanks Wes
  5. Yes, i am refering to the tang(full tang). Grinding vertically, i will try moving the platen outward.
  6. Hello all. Ive forged a few blades so far and have tried my best to forge as close to finished dimensions as possible. With that said... my handles are thicker than the blade, which tapers to the tip. Im having a lot of trouble grinding the blade sections flat(removing hammer marks or warps). Is there a trick to this? Protrude the platen? Ive got a 2x72 that i built but can seem to get anything flat without somthing else rubbing the belt on the small wheels. Please and thank you. Wes
  7. Mr Coe, i spoke with you over the phone friday. Ive got cerawool coming and the bricks that melted where already a sacrificial layer. I built by own venturi burner with a choke and it seems to put out the heat well. Ive got an ir thermometer coming too. What is recomended for the refractory to cover the wool? Ive heard of satanite, but want to use the best product seeing as i dont need very much. This is my first forge build so i went small. 4.5"x6"x12" internal. I have an old propane tank that will become my second larger f
  8. Hello, First post. I just built the body of my first forge and, while waiting for me cerawool and refractory to come slowly by mail, fired it up to test. I happened to melt a couple of firebricks into a green glass-like substance. Is the temp too hot, bricks improper, or? Please and thank you Wes
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