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  1. Yeah, that’s where I typically park my golf cart and I put the cardboard there to keep the battery acid off the concrete if one of the batteries boils over. They can get pretty warm sometimes while charging if I run them way down. I rubbed some teak oil on the anvil stand as well and didn’t want that on the concrete there. Most work will be done on the side of the house I believe.
  2. I polished up an old log I got from a local firewood supplier for a few bucks the other day and got my cheap anvil mounted to it. I also watched a few videos on how to dress a hammer and cleaned up a bargain basement China Freight drilling hammer I've had for awhile. I think I'm ready to really concentrate on learning a few fundamentals now. I've had fun building stuff and collecting a few tools of the trade but it's definitely time to make something out of metal.
  3. This is with Plistix and no fire brick inside. I tinkered with choking the Venturi a bit. I think I’m going to install some sort of adjustable choke plate, probably something similar to a smoker exhaust stack, just to have that control. It got that 3/8” rod pretty hot, pretty quick with no scale build up until I pulled it out and let it air cool. I messed with hammering on the end of that rod a bit. Overall, I’m happy so far and excited to try something new. I know it can be improved but I think it’s pretty stinking functional for now. Appreciative for a forum like this that’s willing to
  4. I’m going to fire it up again later today without the floor brick and play with the fuel/air mix a bit. Alex, I agree totally. I had it up on the table for the first burn rather than the floor so I could see what was going on better. I have an old metal cart I’m going to mount it on that I can fix some hangers on the side for various tools, tongs, etc. By choking off a little air I am trying to move the direction of reducing rather than oxidizing correct? Hopefully landing close to neutral? What should I see change in terms of flame color? Reduction of the blue cone in th
  5. I've been lurking for awhile and read up on forge designs and what not prior to initiating this build. I went the homemade route for my first forge mainly because I like to make things and I had some stuff laying around all ready I could use. Price for supplies was a concern as I am just getting into this and, while still supportive, my wife wasn't as enthused to spend hundreds of dollars on a commercially produced forge or pro-grade materials. I found an old charcoal chimney I've had for years and decided it would make a good light duty forge body. It's made of aluminized ste
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