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  1. Thanks for everyone’s input. Brian, I love being able to call the items I will find, my toys!! No longer will it be a ‘tool box’, but ‘toy box’ will take precedence! Budgeting and practice sounds about right. I like the idea of making a dozen knives before I go further. Thank you for that!!! And I’m so very happy to have had an opportunity in my area to practice the craft and take part in the madness. Bill, thank you for the resources, I’ve been doing a lot of research on where to find anvils and I’ve found that asking everyone you encounter, even random people at gas stations, is the b
  2. Thank you!! I prefer using my hands over the ‘high tech’ stuff just because I have more control over the finished product, and who wouldn’t want to spend as much time as possible in their happy place? :p Slow and steady wins the race I’ve entered myself into! Up-cycling is my specialty, but new to the knifemaking aspects of it. At our class we were told it’s very difficult to find good scrap steel nowadays where a lot is made in China. I like the idea of starting small, being as creative as possible, and feeling my way through the tools I’d find more useful. At this time I have $500 to spend.
  3. Both! Stock removal for this weekend to tweak the knives I have, and begin forging next month. Thank you!
  4. Hey all! I hope I posted this in the correct section. I’m so grateful this site exists!! I recently took a knife making class and I’m hooked. We had 15 hours to complete our knives, and there’s more I’d like to grind on mine. I’ve been researching beginners tools for a month, there are so many options I feel more confused than when I left the class. We used thousand dollar equipment which was nice, but I’m looking for cheaper options. Suggestions of tools and brands would be very helpful. :)
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