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  1. Hello all, hope you’re all having a great weekend. mom trying to improve on my design from start to finish. I’m drawing my designs out now instead of winging it, but I’m losing a lot of my design between the preform and hammering the bevels in. My question is, when you’re pre forming a blade based on a drawing, how do you know how to make the preform for that design? Hopefully my question makes sense and is in the right category. Thanks in advance.
  2. Alex, that was basically what I did to fix the sides, which helped a bit but I think “milling” in the slots for the ricasso and spine to set down in actually made the gaps worse there. It’s silver soldered in place and I don’t think it’s coming apart anytime soon at least. Onto the next one, I’ve got a big chunk of brass and several hidden tang knives ready to be ground, so I’ll be focusing on guard fit up for a while. Thank you all for the tips!
  3. Brian, I’ll check Joshua’s videos out. I’ve watched quite a few but I need a lot of practice and experience with the info I’ve seen. Trying to mill a slot is very tough, especially when you’re using a cheap dremel and free handing it lol. I’d seen Kyle Royer do it with a dental tool, but he’s just a little more skilled than me lol.
  4. Lol, very gracious of you, appreciate it. I knew it of course, I just couldn't waste another day on another guard. My first 2 were wrought iron, and the 3rd was brass. I learned a valuable lesson on why your tangs need to have that distal taper in all planes. I'm marking them out, center marking the holes, drilling and filing them close to shape then press fitting. I tried to hot fit the wrought iron ones, but like I said, not a good taper so they always ended up off. I just didn't want to drill and file more wrought iron and I really wanted to give them this knife and move forwa
  5. Thanks Charles, that's a pretty accurate description lol. It's my first "not bad" knife so far. Satisfied but not happy with it. On to the next one. As far as stats: Blade length: 10.5'' Blade width (widest portion): 2 & 3/8'' Handle Length: 4 &3/4 '' Overall length: 15 & 1/4'' Materials Blade-Leaf spring/mystery steel Handle-stabilized maple burl finished off with wax. Guard-Brass Leather and copper spacers added. I wish I could say purely for looks, but my fit up to the guard got wonky and it was a simple and aesthetical
  6. Thanks Brian, appreciate the good advice. I'm least happy with the guard fit up, so that's a big one to carry over to the next project. I'm not really happy with the edge geometry, or the finish, or the heat treatment, or the handle lol, but the guard fit up bothers me the most. This was the third or fourth guard attempt on this one. I've spent my first (almost) year winging it and experimenting with a bunch of different knife styles, but I'm starting to focus on one style for a while. I think it'll fill in a lot of skill gaps I have. First year was mostly just learning to move metal as effi
  7. Hey everyone, my first post on the forum. Just wanted to say this is a great place for a new bladesmith to be, so thank you all kindly. This is probably my 6 or 7th finished blade. I say finished because I have a pile of unfinished knives in the garage. I’ve forged everyday since a started almost a year ago, and while my forging has sped up quite a bit, my grinding and finishing skill/capabilities are slow to catch up. This is my third attempt at a Hmong knife. There are certainly other names depending on the culture and region, very recognizable profile. I made this for a neighbor that ga
  8. That’s great to hear Steve, good on you. Thank you for the encouragement. I’m really glad I found this forum (thanks Don!) It’s an oasis in the sea of the dark corners of Fb groups and what not lol. I’m working on the Bowie design currently and look forward to sharing it here. All the best! Joe
  9. Absolutely. I haven’t had many yet that where tough to let go yet as I mostly just give mine away at this point, but if I’d made this one here, it would be really tough! My hope is to one day be able to make a few as nice as this and donate most of them to the Special Operations Association. It’s a group mostly made up of former members of SOG and it would be really cool to give them to them to raffle or to give to one of there chosen members. I haven’t attempted one yet as I’m not very confident I can pull it off but you’ve inspired me to give a go. Best to you
  10. Steve, I'm just a novice smith but I have been studying this CISO design they developed for MACV SOG for many years. It's been a dream to make a replica like this long before I started. There where many iterations over the few years MACV SOG was operational with slight variations, but you have absolutely nailed the form in my opinion. It's beautiful and I love the bluing. I think those old SF guys would've been fighting over who got this one. The originals from what I've heard didn't always have the best heat treat and often broke, so this would've been the supreme deluxe version. Great work.
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