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  1. Wonderful! Anybody wants to try this with 24k gold?
  2. Very cool, makes me want to try some of these processes. Thank you for sharing this experience!
  3. What an incredible piece! Absolutely beautiful.
  4. There are even 1-phase to 1-phase VFDs, though they are rare. I just bought one to convert 50Hz power to 60hz for my engraving compressor, which would otherwise lose just enough CFM in Europe to be under the specs required by my pneumatic engraving machine (this doesn't work for all types of load, but as far as I can tell, this should work for a compressor, *fingerscrossed*). Also, even though slowing down the motor will result in power losses, it remains useful because you can still do the work, you just need to reduce the load (i.e, don't press so hard on the belt). It takes corr
  5. I don't know much about knife history but I would not have expected burl wood to have been used for a handle. I've seen the argument made before against reproductions (though not of that era) that burl wood for knife handles is really a modern thing. Shocking that someone on the internet could have been wrong!
  6. Yep, looks familiar. It's interesting that this is only the case in oxidizing atmospheres. This could explain why it's not an issue for the smith who produces it, as he works with a traditional japanese charcoal forge, while I use a propane forge. Thank you Alan. Between that and the excessive quenching, I believe I have my answers. It doesn't matter for this blade anymore but it is hard to correct mistakes with only ambiguous data, so this feels like a resolution I can learn from. I'll forge the third stack accordingly. I'll also likely look at
  7. What a great collaboration! Well done to the both of you, it's a real beauty!
  8. That's a big sword! It's about my size (and by that I don't mean it'd be the right size for me, *ahem*) Very nice indeed, I really enjoy your work!
  9. Phew. Definitely closer to the edge than I'd like, but considering... I'll take it. I see hints of bright nie waiting for a good polish. Quench was in brine, 3 Mississippis in, 2 Mississippis out and repeat. Sori is very slight, a little above 1/16". I also got a slight warp that I'll correct on the second tempering cycle, the blade is currently in the oven at 400F. Clay was for suguha but the tip chose otherwise. My guess is that the carbon content there is a bit more heterogeneous, as it made a very similar pattern on the previous
  10. Some companies can make them for you, they seem to last for 2 to 300 etches (source: https://youtu.be/QzQN7CPzuEs?t=204) so it shouldn't be that expensive. My issue with etched marks is that they look too perfect, all identical and "printed out" on the blade so to speak, which can feel a bit impersonal. Punching can be problematic as you pointed out. I engrave but that just does not scale, and it has its own challenges. I like your design!
  11. I've had (some, not a lot of) sparking on the initial stacks, as I wanted them well hot for consolidation, but little to none after a fold or two. I've had copious spraying but have no reason to suspect it was cast iron droplets rather than flux and impurities, like I normally get when forge welding wrought iron to high carbon. For the most part those billets have forged fine, other than the cracking, which I expected during folding from the repeated quenches, but did not expect during final forging (right now I think the quenches may have been the biggest culprit, but I should kno
  12. Different kind of hammer here, so that doesn't directly apply, but I have my pneumatic hammer on a VFD and like Jeremy said, although it's fine to control my fixed speed (i.e., what would be your max speed on a mechanical with a clutch), I don't think I would want to link the treadle to the speed controller, that would be too laggy for top tooling, which would be my main reason to do it in the first place. For me this is even limited to about 75% of the normal speed: if I go under that, the pneumatic action doesn't have enough force to lift the ram back up all the way and it start
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