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  1. That looks really good, I enjoy following your progress on this, thank you for sharing the journey!
  2. I've been working on a shibuichi butterfly carving for practice this past week and it turned out nicer than expected so I decided I'd start working on inlaying it into a larger composition. So on Sunday, I cast additional alloys to widen my color palette: some sterling 950 from melting old goblets, which will serve as the main body of the piece, and a good chunk of 40% silver shibuichi for a light grey (butterfly is 20% silver, which patinates quite dark). I cold worked part of the shibuichi and rolled it as well as some copper into ~2mm sheets for two additional inlay
  3. Thank you Janel and Larry! Addendum: someone outside this forum asked for clarification on the sunobe calculations for how much material to use to account for the tapers. I shared the spreadsheet I made and I thought I'd share it here as well for anyone else interested. This will obviously not translate to all types of blades (especially the tang/nakago aspect), but should still be applicable to most smooth-tapered blades, especially if all one's interested is in figuring out how much material to start with. It is essentially doing the same calculations as detailed in the video I p
  4. That's beautiful and really clean. Forging san mai close to thickness is definitely challenging, you did a great job of it!
  5. That's awesome, congratulations! A fire poker was the first thing I forged as well. It wasn't really that long ago for me, and I'm still just as proud of it now as I was then, but I have a feeling I'll *always* be really proud of it
  6. I have a slight preference for the second one, but they both look very good!
  7. That was beautiful to watch, thank you.
  8. I'd call it a beautiful knife, well done sir!
  9. It's really lovely, well done!
  10. Thank you Charles for following along I'm still somewhat new at this so I have to say that the positive comments you've all given me mean a lot, especially considering how incredibly talented you all are. Very kind of you, guys.
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