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  1. Oh thanks, that might be worth looking into. I live in Sweden so it might be a little trickier finding something here.
  2. Alright, thanks! I'll make sure i get a good file, suited for making bevels.
  3. They feel pretty sharp, but no they're not new. They're from our summer house, the previous owner worked at a steel factory (Sandvik) and had a box full of old files, they're probably 20+ years old. Honestly i haven't used a brand new file in a long time so they might not be sharp.
  4. For the first bevel i used a 10" file that might have been too fine as it took 5 hours. I just did the second bevel with a very coarse 12" double cut file. Even though the 12" was alot coarser it still took hours to finish. Could just be bad technique but i feel like i shouldn't be this bad at filing.
  5. It's not supposed to be hardened, so hopefully it isn't. I should probably use a file card, i just tapped the file with a piece of wood to clean it. It's a good quality file, however the dust is pretty fine so i guess that might also be the issue.
  6. So i just tried to do a flat grind on my first knife using Goughs filing jig. Gough said 45 min per side which i thought was quite fast so i had high hopes. 5 hours of pain later i finished my first side.. Why did it take so long. My blade was slightly smaller than his and my steel was thinner, shouldn't it have gone faster? My steel type was 80CrV2 (3.25mm Or ~0.13" thick). Are different steels harder/easier to work with? Any advice is much appreciated!
  7. Thanks for all the thorough replies, i really appreciate it! I've been busy so i havent tried anything yet. Mixing lemon juice with the coffee seems like a nice idea. Then i dont have to wait allnight for it to etch. As John suggested, gun bluing oil seems interesting, i might try that if i can find some. I guess ill just have to try and see what works best for me
  8. Alright, thanks so much for the help. I'll clean the blade more throughly, brew the coffee strong enough to kill someone and leave it in overnight. Is it possible to maybe scrub it off if i overetch it?
  9. Sorry if someone's already asked this. I couldn't find what i was looking for. Im very new at knifemaking but recently i got a premade damascus knife blade as a bday gift. The blade looked kinda dirty, and the pattern kinda dull. So, i started by polishing it with a dremel which made the upper steel really shiny. However the bottom steel looked kinda beige/light grey so i decided to etch it in coffee to darken it. After 5 hours, not much color change. The edge of the blade that was previously just shiny metal now showed a damascus pattern, so the etching did work. The shiny steel stayed shiny. However, the other steel kinda just turned beige with splotches of brown. I dont know if it just needs more time or what went wrong, any advice would be super helpful. The blade after my etch.
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