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  1. JACOB ohh yeah this past summer I did, welded up a steel grate from 1/2" round bars and an airbox underneath so the blast comes up all around the crucible/pedestal. Works F A R better than the tuyeres from the sides I had before, like unbelievably better, FAR more even heat and far hotter. Getting to molten in less than half the time, no more half melted runs with only like a 5 gallon bucket of coke for the whole run! There's a few improvements to be made when I rebuild it this coming spring but it's soooo much better thsn what I was struggling with for months.
  2. I actually found it on his Facebook page that is helpful thanks!
  3. Love to see that but the link doesn't work. Thanks for the feedback folks!
  4. Alan yeah I'm not sure I'd be able to do it either, they are really impressive examples of the skills of the old smiths. I'm guessing they must have made some kind of dies to produce these since there's so many out there with this design.
  5. Yeah I figured this, was hoping someone knows how the originals we're made, no torches back then.
  6. I've noticed the same, coil/leaf springs can have micro-cracks as well. I stopped using most junkyard material as stock for this reason. Last time I used a big coil spring I found cracks while forging a sword blade to nearly finished. No way to tell the abuse something like this has endured over years being on a off-road vehicle or whatever.
  7. Been planning on making a Pala/Kilij blade from my crucible steel once I get it dialed in better. Been looking at a lot of Ottoman and Indian swords in particular for this. Something I find really impressive is the Pala/Kilij that has a T-Spine running like 3/4 its length then transitioning into the "Yelman" sorta double edged tip. It's an incredibly difficult looking design to pull off and still have everything properly curved and lined up. Trying to imagine how its done, the T-spine would be very difficult to adjust any shape/curvature after shaping it into the blade so my guess is
  8. C 0.0011% Si <.0005 Mn 0.0001 P 0.0005 S 0.0003 Cr 0.0002 N <.0005 Ni 0.0003 Zn 0.0002 As 0.0001 B 0.0002 Co 0.0013 Cu 0.0001 H 0.0004 Sn 0.0001 Ti <.0011 Al <.0011 Pb 0.0001 O 0.0050 Iron, by difference: >99.9848% this us the one I got last time, not sure if what Peter can get is this pure but the almost complete lack of Manganese is one of the biggest reasons we want to use it gor crucible steel. I ordered a kilo of this from Ebay and I'll try it soon. It's considerably lower in most
  9. Looked up those, U-Met cslled and said they don't. From what I can see it doesn't look like any sell to the public but I could be wrong about that. I didn't see electrolytic flake anywhere, closest was "1006 punchings" . Going with electrolytic since its got lower manganese than anything else.
  10. I think it might be flake actually, small broken up bits. Ordered some from a guy on eBay, it's all about 1/8" thick most are the size of a quarter or smaller. Everything is more expensive now, really don't think he's making any money on it. Where did you find it for that? Might be something he hasn't seen yet
  11. -USA MAKERS- Peter Burt can get a supply of Electrolytic Iron for $4 a pound plus shipping to you. This price is if a 1100 pound barrel is ordered. Would anyone be interested in a group buy for this? If so how much?
  12. The website is up but his shop is closed without word how long till he's ooen again. Anyone have 2 of his burners they'd sell me. Maybe know when he'll be ooen again?
  13. Yeah I'm pretty happy with my progress on it though there's been quite a few failures before it. This last blade is looking much closer to the good patterns of the old blades than any of my previous. I just built a press from a log splitter, removed the ram and built a framework around it. Getting ingots to bars SOOOOO much faster and loosing so much less to forge scale.
  14. Haven't posted for a while but I've continued to work with making mt own crucible steel, things have considerably improved.
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