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  1. Yeah I'm pretty happy with my progress on it though there's been quite a few failures before it. This last blade is looking much closer to the good patterns of the old blades than any of my previous. I just built a press from a log splitter, removed the ram and built a framework around it. Getting ingots to bars SOOOOO much faster and loosing so much less to forge scale.
  2. Haven't posted for a while but I've continued to work with making mt own crucible steel, things have considerably improved.
  3. Does anyone still sell PLISTEX or METRIKOTE? I'm not seeing it for sale, just finished a new furnace and need some asap.
  4. Very cool! Look forward to seeing how this turns out!
  5. Getting my process down much more reliably. After 3 incomplete melts I tore down my furnace and started experimenting at my forge instead. So far every one I've done in the forge has fully melted though the heat and fumes aren't as nice as running the furnace in the open with a ocean breeze to carry away heat and coke fume. much higher heat covering the whole thing with soft firebrick and much less fuel used as well. This . Has led to plans for the furnace rebuild, soon as the ceramic wool arrives I'll have a furnace I won't have to fuss with constantly. 2 pucks roasted and ready
  6. Turned out pretty good, can't wait for the next one!
  7. Trying to forge above ACM to get a more wattered pattern, just a little too hot and the end of the puck crumbled a bit. Lost 83 grams, still have 285 thankfully. Hopefully my pattern will be less dendritic from it this time though I actually like how that looks too. If only I'd have waited 30 seconds like the little voice in my head told me....all a learning experience though
  8. Nott the best camera for this but you can kinda see the structure, think maybe I should have ground a little deeper. This one clearly has lower carbon, and my cooling was a little faster. It's surprising how such small difference make such a clear significant effect. I think the other ingots were picking up carbon from the crucible to a higher degree than I imagined. I coated it with high temperature cement this time, ingot turned out quite a bit different than the last few times. The sides of it were actually very shiny and smooth. There must be some loss to the slag and combustion, I'
  9. Iridescent! , that's the word I was trying to remember last night, that furnace leaves me feeling like I've cooked myself as well as my ingot, wipes me out. But damn is it worth it!! Yeah it's absolutely beautiful to me, right out of the crucible it was actually a lot more colorful, I used a damp rag to cool it slowly, pop those glass shards off faster and it wiped most of it off, it was a lot prettier. Yeah that sounds right, it would probably be pretty tricky in a coal forge, perhaps why we haven't seen much of it. I've never seen a pattern welded blade that had Wootz as part of it, I'd
  10. Sounds like it would be a pretty tricky, did it maintan it's pattern after that? I remember him talking about erasing the pattern with heat and bringing it back with multiple cycles. I sure would have liked to meet that guy, he was kinda my idol back when I'd first learned about wootz and saw he'd succeeded in making it. I held onto that Blade magazine with an article about it and pictures of what he'd made for a long time.
  11. I'm curious about the welding of Wootz, from my experience if fit too hot ir just crumbles. What's the trick to avoiding that?
  12. I think this puck turned out better than the last though with smaller dendrites. These sure are beautiful! Think I might melt a small one just to keep as a puck, right out of the crucible they are like a shimmering rainbow colored steel jewel.
  13. Thanks I'll check there, I need one that goes to like 3300°F really. Going molten more often now
  14. There's a few pyrometers on Amazon, 3272°F max. Made in China probably. anyone have one that's worked for you? As long as it's fairly accurate it would work for me
  15. My mistake I meant pyrometer Yeah I considered a k thermocouple, how are they at measuring the temperature of surfaces though? I've only ever used them inside a furnace, would be great for that or my crucible but measuring the temperature of a bar/puck etc?
  16. Pretty dang happy how this turned out, I'll be changing my forging of the next on to start above ACM to get a more wattered pattern but for my first time I'd say it's pretty good.
  17. Kinda life I miss living, love your totems!
  18. It's definitely beautiful but looks like I might have some graphite, a bit of a bummer to say the least. Did the roast this weekend, I'll start forging this today 385 grams, old files and a bit of ball bearings to top the charge off, hard to guess exact carbon % since the files. Surface Dendrites are considerably larger than my last puck.
  19. Can anyone suggest a high quality digital thermometer that's been accurate and reliable? Amazon has so much crap with fake reviews, I'd rather that come for one of you that's actually used one that works accurately. Going to be used to guage crucible steel temperature, so one that reads up to steels melting point hopefully.
  20. Never mind, that's definitely hot enough now! Removed the upper bricks and I have far better control of it now. Changed the tuyeres a little so there's more space between them and the crucible and hot damn it's !!!HOT!!! HOPEFULLY I've got a beautiful ingot in the morning that I can forge at least as 'easy' as my first. Recipe is just a bit different this time.
  21. It's forging out nicely, had time ti get it to somewhat blade shaped yesterday, I'll finish this today then I've got another crucible charged with 4x more material so hopefully that turns out even better! Next time I'm paying better attention to where the top of the ingot ends up, I didn't plan on it being the face of my blade...next time, all learning process
  22. I did 13 heat cycles to soften it and decarb the surface. Did some light forging, no cracking and it's not super hard so it's looking positive so far. Tomorrow I'll be forging it out, can't wait to see how it turns out!
  23. After several attempts, each ending in an ingot thst didn't fully melt last night I finally got one that did. It's small 155 grams but it's my first success and I'm really excited about it. I melted this one in my forge, crucible suspended above my clinker breaker with tongs, piled up coal around it. Took about an hour to reach moltel though I probably got there sooner. Slowly ramped the blast down over half an hour and left it to cool till black. Structure looks good and it's not sparking as cast iron thankfully. Going to thermal cycle this today and attempt forging...gently. Pray my luck c
  24. So I made a furnace to do sone crucible steel melts, I've ran it twice but both times didn't get a full melt. The crucible is on a pedestal, the tuyeres are pointed at a downward angle, one at the base and the other slightly higher on the other side. they are ofset a bit so the airflow moves all around thw crucible. Both times I slowly heated it till crucible and everything we're glowing orange then turned up the blast and ran it like that for 1 1/2-2 hours. I've forge welded and melted iron bars in my forge with the same coal. First time I tried a mix of bituminous and charcoal, tended t
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