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  1. Sorry for the late reply, i've been out of town. Yeah, I also work with 5160 from time to time which is why I said this. I quench it in oil. Though I'm not sure what kind, we bought it specifically for quenching. I get it from the forge to the tank in about a second or two. Ill try quenching it at much lower temperatures and come back with the result. When you all measure temperature, what do you use. I've been using a rather innacurate temperature sensor and color, so im not even sure if that's right.
  2. Hello, thanks a lot for all the replies I currently use mostly 1095 I was worried it had something to do with my hardness tester, so I tested my previous blades and they all had a lot of edge rolling This is the meter im currently using for hardness
  3. I have been trying different things to fix this issue, but nothing seems to net me a blade higher than 355 HL, which is somewhere under 25 HRC. My general routine for quenching blades is: Normalizing once -- Heating to 2000F and letting cool in air Quenching -- Quenching around 1800F to 1900F (i've tried as low as 1500) Tempering -- one to two cycles at 450F for 2 hours Any advice?
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