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  1. Here's how my billet is turning out. I made the can out of scrap 1095, filled the can with 52100 ball bearings and 1095 powder. It took me 2 sessions of forging to get it to this point. Did a little grinding and a short etch to see the pattern. I'm going to set it on the side for now as I have several knives to get done. .
  2. Here's a knife that I built that now calls it's home on a Tuna boat in NJ. It's a fillet style just made heavy duty for tuna. The blade is 1095 which is my go to material. It has what I call a modified hidden tang. The blade is sandwiched between the Red Oak handle scales and then a leather spacer is used to fill the gap. The owners boat name is etched into the blade. I also made a display stand for it .
  3. I've made several knives since I've joined but only posted the first one I ever built. I figured it was time to post some more. This one is something new I'm trying to the blade, other than being sharpened it's done. The blade was glass bead blasted and then it went into a vibratory tumble also with glass beads. The handle scales are Locust sourced from Kansas with brass pins. Black leather sheath finish's it off.
  4. I'm soon going to try to make a canister damascus billet. I plan to use 1095 powder and 52100 ball bearings. My question is for the can. I have some scrap 3/16" thick 1095 that I could make a can out of. Could I use this and then not have to worry about getting the billet out of the can? I'll be setting the weld by hand if this makes any difference. Or would I be better off just using a piece of square tube and peal it out. Thanks
  5. Here is the fist knife to come out of my new forge. About 14" long, black walnut handle and display stand, bear claw mosaic pin and bear etch. Braided leg strap. New owner is very happy with it.
  6. Well I heat treated my first knife in the new forge. Thanks to every one who gave suggestion along the way of this build. I ended up going to a .030 tip instead of the .035. Big difference in the fire brick forge I was using. I still need to finish the doors but other wise I'm happy with the way it worked.
  7. Well I finally got the forge liner done and hopefully cured correctly. Maybe not the best video but here it is with 2 burner lit. Thanks for all the help given here.
  8. My forge build took back burner for a while. I had a rush order for a knife. This one has a white oak handle, a stone washed 1095 blade and the first mosaic pin I ever made. The owner is also a horse lover so I made a display stand using a horse shoe. Back to my forge build now.
  9. Has anyone used firehose for scales on your builds? My wife nephew just stopped in yesterday and gave me a 3 gallon vacuum pot. I'm thinking of trying to stabilize a piece of firehose to used as scales. Has anyone ever done it? I'm also thinking I could make some micarta out of various materials.
  10. Do you use a contact pyrometer or infrared?
  11. Well I knew it would be a drawn out process but my build is getting there. I fired the burner for the first time last night. The bell reducer won't be used in the forge. No tuning was done yet as I assume it will burn different in the forge. https://youtu.be/7AJR0o5Dy8k
  12. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Over the years I have found that some safety eq. can be the problem. Good luck.
  13. I do plan on a skim coat of rigidizer before coating with Kast o lite. Also the door will have openings cut into them making them more of an end cap than a door. After the kast o lite the diameter will be 4.75-5" which should be more than large enough for anything I plan on forging. 3 burners over kill, maybe but it's to late now, besides they will all have valves so I can use 1, 2 or all 3 or combination of them. Being my first build I'm happy with it.
  14. Each of the 3 burners will have a ball valve. Is putting a needle valve in each a waste of $$$,
  15. Final layer of wool and firebrick floor was put in today. I also relocated the burner ports. Kast o lite liner comes next.
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