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  1. Here's a small update, nothing fancy. Did a little more work on the forge. Both doors cut in, hinges made and installed. Real simple door latch and handle's. So far I have $12.00 into it and that was for the handle springs. I kind of got ahead of myself when I drilled the holes for the burners. I'm going to relocate them for better burn and efficiency. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Not a problem with the old ones just weld in a patch. Material for this will come from the opening I cut into the doors. I'm not going to cut those out until I get the forge lined, this way I'll know exactly
  2. I'm also looking for suggestion on where to get wool, cast-o-lite, etc...
  3. Thanks Allen but I'm a complete idiot when it comes to math. My understanding of a tangent is where a line touches a curve. But them you say parallel to the floor this is where I get lost. Is it possible to explain better or draw something to help me understand. Thanks
  4. Thanks Brian, I do not plan on using the bell reducer, I will form the flare in the wool & IR coating. Depending on how much heat I was each burner can be controlled individually.
  5. I do plan on doors on having a pass through both front and back. Back door will have angle iron mounts so I can put some fire bricks on it an adjust as needed. Back door will is also hinged.
  6. I don't post much or often but read a lot here. A little back story on me. I've retired now for just about 2 years, since retiring I've started making knives. Being on a retiree's budget I try to keep thing low cost. My first forge was made from fire bricks. I've been collecting pieces here and there to build something larger. In the past week I've finally started on it. Here are some pics of what I have so far. I'm looking for any comments good or bad and always open for suggestions. The body is an old air compressor tank. I also have parts to make 3 burners as the forge body is 17"
  7. I made a PID loop for my toaster oven and it now holds + or - 3 degrees at 450. I also cut up an old pizza stone to help retain heat. I'm currently tempering my 1095 blades at 425 for 2 hours. I have been having good luck in doing so. I've been reading more and more about 2, 1 hour cycles. Does it make that big a difference?
  8. Don't get here very often but I figured I'd post a few pics of recent builds. First Pics is one I made for my wife, she picked out the antler she wanted as a handle. 2nd pic is a knife I made for a neighbor he had purchased a knife for himself and like it and got 2 more for his sons as Xmas gifts. He has a 3rd son who has a son who is downs syndrome. I felt sorry for the 3rd boy as his brothers got knives and he didn't. I ask the dad if it would be ok if I made him a blade but not put an edge to it. He said ok, later he called and asked me to put an edge to it as his sons hunts wi
  9. I ended up buying a grinder. I have my new Reeder grinder up and running. Man this thing is great. Haven't had a chance to use it on a blade yet but I did bevel a piece of scrap. I can't believe how much time it cut from the old 1x30. I have used it for bolster material and a few other things. I just love it. The one pic I didn't move the work rest into the right position for the large contact wheel. The folks at Reeder especially Greg are great to work with. E-mails and phone are always answered within hours.
  10. I don't get around here often but I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I'm looking to get a 2x72 belt grinder. I'd like a quality unit, with variable speed, it can be new or used. My price range is under 2k. Please PM me if you can help. Thanks
  11. I've been waiting for a stencil so I can etch my blades. They came today and here are my first 2 attempts. The one on the right is my 2nd try and it turned out a lot better. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the same knife or a different one on my next stencil. I did this on a test blade I have laying around.
  12. Well I found a source for stencils and should have them within a week. My question now is this. I have a variable voltage and amperage dc power supply. Looking for suggestion on settings? Also looking for suggestion for a electrolyte to use for 1095. I'd feel more comfortable using a bought than a homemade mix for consistency reasons. Thanks PS Here's a pic of a knife I made and donating to our local fire department for their annual fund raiser raffle.
  13. So I've ben reading and learning. I've decided to start etching my blades I've been making. I'm lost finding a source Good source to have stencils made. Can anyone help? Thanks
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