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  1. I welcome the critique. Can't wait for the rest. I made a display holder for it and have it on the fireplace till it goes to the guy I made it for. The wife even likes it and wants one for the fireplace. This picture is not on the fireplace but it shows the holder.
  2. Well it's finished, what do you think?
  3. Let me have it, what you think?
  4. Grandkids were supposed to visit today so heat treat was planned for tomorrow. Wouldn't you know grandkids changed the plans. The wife wasn't even off the phone and I was setting up. Finished my first heat treat and the blade has been in the tempering oven for 15 minutes now. Heat treat went well & the blade is hard. It was cool watching the steel turn colors and go into the non magnetic state.
  5. I'll be quenching in canola oil. I'll take it to about a dime's thickness. Thanks guys.
  6. Question, how close to sharp should I go before heat treat?
  7. So I'm getting ready to do my first blade and its from 1095. I'm going through this thread to learn about heat treat and quenching. I have 2 questions. First how long do you leave the blade in the oil ((I'm using canola)? Second how soon after quenching can you file test? Does the blade need to cool or can it be done as soon as you come out of the oil? Thanks for any help.
  8. I have plans of adding fire brick to the inside. It's on order & should be here today or tomorrow.
  9. Well I voided all warranties today on the toaster oven. Well not that it had any because it was a used one that I bought. I got my temperature controller hooked up and I can now run a PID loop to hold temperature. The only thing I don't like about this controller is it displays in centigrade and not Fahrenheit so I need to do the conversion which is no big dealing. Did a test run up to 400 and held it there within 10°. I'm going to insulate the toaster oven a little bit better just to be more economical. Getting closer to completion.
  10. Well I'm getting a little done. Just about ready for heat treat. I've got supplies ordered to modify the toaster oven. I'm putting in a digital temp control so I can run a PID loop to maintain temp.
  11. Looks good. Your hand is steadier than mine to do something like that.
  12. I knew you were joking. I can give them out just as easy as getting them. I love building stuff and also like to have a good plan. I'm most worried about heat treat and tempering. I plan to make a fire brick forge powered by a map gas torch and heat treat with a old toaster oven I just picked up. As time goes on I'll also update these.
  13. I do plan to forge my own steel some day. Once I get relocated and new shop setup. Right now I'm limited on space.
  14. There maybe some time between post but this is a start. This will be my first knife. I started by making a jig to grind the bevel. Then I made a jig to hold while sanding. Made a pattern and glued it to some 1095. That's all for today. Since this is all new for me I'm open for critiques.
  15. I was born in Racine and my folks farmed in Franksville. Moved up north in 73 when the ole man bought a farm in Thorp.
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