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  1. Thanks Joel, I'm glad that I can put a name to that now.
  2. I just heated till non-magnetic and then a couple of seconds longer and took it straight to a canola oil quench. skated a file just fine, there was a tiny warp, but I ground it out with no trouble. I went for full strength muriatic acid, saw online that it was the same as 50% diluted ferric. The only oddity I found were those little waves that I still love looking at.
  3. Well, it's been a while since I posted, I have been working on this blade on and off for awhile, but I got it done on Friday 8/27. I learned several dozen things not to do and they show up on the blade *sigh*, but it's my first knife and I'm proud of it. I'm already planning my next one, and I'm excited to continue getting better. It turned out to be a clip-point camp knife, I acid etched the blade, but accidentally put a big scratch on it, so I re-sanded the blade down which left some little waves here and there from the etch on the bevel which I really like. the handle is black linen mic
  4. How in the world do you even do that kind of Damascus? That looks incredible!
  5. If anyone has a moment, I'd like some advice on my blank. Here's what I am seeing so far: It feels like I need to do something to part on the spine where the clip starts to drop... not sure, but it looks off? The finger choil feels a little too small, i was thinking of enlarging that just a bit by grinding it forwards to-wards the blade more. If anyone has questions about my initial paper design as well, please ask. I'm still learning the questions I need to ask myself during this process. It has been a blast so far, I've had a-lot of fun and I'm excited to k
  6. I started my first knife tonight, though I've had the design sketched out for awhile. I finally got my workbench up and running. Thank you to everyone who has posted in Beginners place for the helpful information and instruction, especially "BOLT EVERYTHING DOWN!". Tonight I took my 1095 flat-bar, sketched out the outline and cut it out. I'm still working on my grinding wheel, so I had to use my angle grinder, 1x30 belt grinder, and a sanding drum connected to my drill press, but I got my first blank mostly finished out.
  7. I Have. Thank you Alan and Alex, my plan is to put it aside for now and make it into a heat treat drum later. When I revisit the project, I think I'd like to try Wane's idea with a ribbon burner. I looked over the PDF of the burner build and I like the design, thank you for the info. Wane, I'll contact you for advice on that burner build when I'm ready to move forward. Hopefully my next WIP will be my first knife!
  8. Okay, I've learned my lesson in the past from not listening to advise when it's given. It's hard to temper excitement over a first build. I'll set it aside for now and make plans to revisit it once I have some more experience. Thank you for the insight, I'll look into a smaller build.
  9. I took it down to bare metal and plan to spray paint next after drilling and welding on the burner ports, but I'm having design questions at the next step. I'm sure this has been covered, but I wasn't able to find it. Do I go with a two burner or three burner for this size tank? The tank is about 14 inches in diameter and 25 inches long. I am expecting to put in at least 2 inches thick ceramic blanket, maybe 3? I'm not sure where you start to hit the diminishing returns... and where cost effectiveness ends, with refractory cement covering that.
  10. Hello everyone, This is my first build and first post. After scouring the beginners section, I found an old air compressor tank at my local scrap yard and started building my forge based on all the advice you've all given. I am very aware that the tank is way bigger than I need for knives, but it's what I have. I started by cutting out the front and back windows and cleaning it out.
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