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  1. Are the blade tongs still available? 2021 Price?
  2. I have finally been given a chemical composition sheet. Took around a month. Crazy because when i asked this time I had it a minute later. Guess they're tired of me bugging them. lol. Anyways without further ado ...
  3. glad to hear it Dan. lookin real good.
  4. Holy smokes Ted. Go big or go home right? That's awesome! And, really great to hear that you like it even when compared to the popular 5160. I'll for sure stay tuned in here. Lookin good. I've been out since dinner working on my forge. Finally some nice weather here for setting my refractory cement. John
  5. Hey Oberu. I added maybe a dozen new sizes last weekend. Some are sold out now, but there are around 30 or so sizes total on the site. blade6150.com Let me know if you need anything and if you do purchase please come back and leave a review on the site. Thanks, John
  6. Hey Jon, I see that and I thank you sir. I'll be cutting and packaging again here shortly. You should have tracking this evening. Well I hope you like it and can't wait to hear back from you. Thanks again, John
  7. Finally got PayPal running! Checkout with PayPal is now an option at checkout!
  8. I've just added a page for reviews. There are several up there now. https://www.blade6150.com/reviews
  9. Hey Ted. It's okay. Really. Thank you very much for your order and your most recent post. I've had a good handful of folks reach out telling me how much they like the steel. One said he found a new favorite. I can't wait to hear what you think! Best, John
  10. Hey Dan. Just sent you an email. Your size is now available. I'm still working to get more added at the moment. Will have a few more 0.250 in the next hour or so.
  11. Hello All, So this along with my husky razor knife is on me every day without fail. Belt knife sweet lil thang. Carry in plastic sheath inline with belt in small of my back. Fits perfect. I can even lay on the porch and don't really notice it's there. Might have picked it up at cabellas ... Anyways I'm curious to know if anyone might know how produce a handle like this. Seems like some sort of resin and denim. It really would be cool to use some old jeans for this if it's really denim. I've had it for years and years. I always think how much i'd like to put a handle
  12. Hey Dan, I remembered and I looked and measured without pulling while i was just out there. I do have some right around 1.5 maybe 1.75 @ 1/4. Thinking there might be just enough to there to cover your six sticks. I'll see if I can get them out for you and added to the site later tonight. No promises. It's gonna take a bit of doing to get them out safely. Thanks, John
  13. Hey Dan. I'm pretty sure there wont be any 1", but i'm thinking i spotted some maybe 1.5 or close. There's bunch that I have to work through I've been saying in a few days now for about a week, but i'm just slammed busy with all of this. It's a good problem to have i guess. I will get on it soon. Please keep checking the site incase i forgot to let you know what i come up with and when it's added. Thank you, John
  14. I'm just passing along what I've learned from a person who's been working with this particular steel for some 20 years. He's in the blade shop at peters heat treating in meadville pa.
  15. So I spent a little more time today reaching out to folks involved with this shop as well as their exclusive heat treat company. The person I spoke with has been heat treating this particular steel for my friends shop in the thousands of pounds per day for over 20 years. He said the same thing I've been saying. It's absolutely high quality steel that will make an excellent blade. It will finish to around 60HRC. He said that if you have a piece of 5160 and a piece of this 6150 side by side that you would have a very tough time telling them apart. This person heat treats this steel every day for
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