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  1. Hey Dan, I remembered and I looked and measured without pulling while i was just out there. I do have some right around 1.5 maybe 1.75 @ 1/4. Thinking there might be just enough to there to cover your six sticks. I'll see if I can get them out for you and added to the site later tonight. No promises. It's gonna take a bit of doing to get them out safely. Thanks, John
  2. Hey Dan. I'm pretty sure there wont be any 1", but i'm thinking i spotted some maybe 1.5 or close. There's bunch that I have to work through I've been saying in a few days now for about a week, but i'm just slammed busy with all of this. It's a good problem to have i guess. I will get on it soon. Please keep checking the site incase i forgot to let you know what i come up with and when it's added. Thank you, John
  3. I'm just passing along what I've learned from a person who's been working with this particular steel for some 20 years. He's in the blade shop at peters heat treating in meadville pa.
  4. So I spent a little more time today reaching out to folks involved with this shop as well as their exclusive heat treat company. The person I spoke with has been heat treating this particular steel for my friends shop in the thousands of pounds per day for over 20 years. He said the same thing I've been saying. It's absolutely high quality steel that will make an excellent blade. It will finish to around 60HRC. He said that if you have a piece of 5160 and a piece of this 6150 side by side that you would have a very tough time telling them apart. This person heat treats this steel every day for
  5. Hey Jonathan, I may eventually get just a tad over 0.250 but it wouldn't be much over. The widest i'll ever see is 4.5". Anything more could be loaded into the shear again and reused. So 4.5 x 0.250 is really about it and I'll be adding this and other similar sizes over the next few days as time permits. Thank you, John
  6. Some folks have talked about stacking with 15n20 and seeing good results. I can't say for sure either way as I've never forged a blade a day in my life. I plan to though once this is over. Will be building a forge here pretty soon. I did have a customer/buyer report back on FB yesterday with his 5 or so minute etch test. It's dark. 6150 on left W2 on right.
  7. Hey Alan, I've been waiting on the source to give me this as well as their heat treat details. If i'm not satisfied soon I know there's a place local to me that does some laser analysis. They also do heat treats for other companies. I'm pretty sure they are the heat treaters for the shop where my supply comes from. What you've posted here looks very close to what I've been told I'm just not rock solid on those number because I've been told that does have a slightly higher than usual carbon content for 6150. My source uses this steel for blades like pruning shears, engine
  8. I see that. I'll cut and ship in the morning. Thank you Ted. John
  9. Hey Ted, I guess I understand where you're coming from. Here's where i'm coming from. What I had intended two months back was to learn to make awesome knives. I found myself in a position with this steel and now I have to deal with it. I just spent the last four or so weeks moving an incredible amount of steel by hand while learning about out how to make a safe and secure website to sell from that didn't involve ebay or scamazon. It is secured with 2048 bit encryption to protect against hackers. The website is hosted at InMotion Hosting. They're huge look them u
  10. Hey Adam, about 30 minutes south of erie x two minutes from ohio. Linesville, PA 16424
  11. Hi Ted, Yes I did create the account today, but not just for this, but yes it is my first post. I spoke with Alan Longmire long before creating an account or posting. Ask him. I can assure you i am a real person and you will receive 100% exactly what you purchase. My address will be on the shipping label. I do not have a bbb. I am just me with a huge supply of steel. The website was created about 30 days ago. How do you store steel? Just toss it a heap? I have built racks and measure and sort all cuts. No i didn't just start dealing with this steel this year. I've been working
  12. Hello Everyone, So I have some 14 tons of grade-a cold rolled and annealed 6150 spring steel that must go. I have more coming in but don't have space for it. Sections were sheared from much wider flats. I have widths from 1.4 to 4.5 (4.5 not on site yet) and thicknesses from 0.122 to 0.250. Many available now on Blade6150.com and many sizes yet to be measured and inventoried. I sell 48" lengths but will cut and ship 12", 24" or 48". This is determined by the shipping method chosen during checkout. If you have any questions feel free to ask here, in PM or email me
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