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    photography, outdoors, nature, taxonomy, inaturalist.org, science, cartography, collecting knowledge, growing plants from seed, e-biking and of course knife making
  1. I live in South Africa and I manage safety, health and environment for a company that makes die-forged aluminium parts for motor vehicles. Our forge is 2 stories tall and pumps out one part every 3 seconds! I have loved knives and all kinds of weaponry since I was a kid and always wanted to try knife making. I finally got around to it 2 or 3 years ago. I still have a lot to learn, but for now, I don't plan to try forging. I am mostly interested in making fixed blade knives and machetes.
  2. I started in 2019 and I think this was actually my third attempt, but I don't have photos of the previous attempts. It is just mild steel with scales made from guava wood. I have just started making my first blade from decent steel (5160).
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