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  1. I ordered some soft fire bricks from a random company on Amazon.com and I’m unable to find any SDS because I don’t know what company made them. In the description on Amazon it says the material is “Aluminum Silicate Refractory Bricks”. My question is generally how safe are soft fire brick? They are extremely dusty and I’m concerned of breathing in toxins. I have a few in my vehicle with me because I’m moving so I’m worried I might be inhaling toxins while driving. just want to know the respiratory hazards? I’m also trying to find if there’s any ingestion hazards?
  2. I put the end of the burner about half way through the 2.5” thick soft brick so it’s about 1.25” depth into soft brick. I will move it up I also noticed it has about a 1/8th gap around the end of the burner while sitting in the hole. I plan on closing it up with refractory to where there’s no gap. I hope this will keep it from heating up.
  3. What about making the burners longer? right now they are 3/4” x 6” black pipe nipples I was thinking of replacing them to 3/4” x 12” black pipe nipples. Would this affect how the burners perform though? And do you think this would help even more with heat?
  4. So I finished my forge today lit it up and after it being on for a while the entire burners got hot to the touch. And not only both ends of the burners but also some of the pipe for gas. I know this is a safety concern so I want to fix this pronto. My theory is that the heat is creeping up the burners through the holes drilled through the soft fire brick for my burners to go through. They weren’t the best holes and left some gaps. I thought making the burners longer might help but I don’t know if that would effect the burners operating correctly? I also thought maybe putti
  5. I’m gonna rebuild part of the burners using schedule 80 and use sealant. I have another question on placing the burners in the forge. I used 2.5” thick soft fire brick and I was wondering do I put the end of the burners half way through the fire brick?
  6. Thank you. The flare is stainless but I’m gonna flare the soft brick
  7. If you look at the pictures posted here. I have a small leak right where the mig tip is tapped in to the side of the pipe. I was told on another forum that a leak there is not a problem is this true?
  8. Does anybody have a good brand and model for a good pipe thread sealant for forge burners? People recommend non hardening but I’m having trouble finding a specific brand and model of thread sealant?
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