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  1. I'll see if I can come up with something to get rid of the fire brick.


    I guess I was thinking that the brick would make a smaller area that needed heating. I hadn't considered that the brick could absorb too much heat.

  2. Yeah I've thought about dust getting into the motor. And yeah...it's from a treadmill. It's what I had on hand. I plan on getting a fully enclosed AC motor at some point.


    I've also thought about the wheel bolts. I'm not yet sure how I'm going to address that.

  3. I built a second one since the first was basically to try to teach myself to weld. This one went a lot better the bit the welds are a lot better and it's more orthogonal than the first one. I still have a few things to do like the platen and the work table. I'm also going to paint it.



  4. After lots of trial and error this is the final design for the 2x48 I think. I've started the second build based on this design, with proper square tubing, and it's better and more orthogonal. This one has two receivers. One for the tool and one for the work table. Thoughts?

    Screenshot 2021-04-25 224204.png

    Screenshot 2021-04-25 224224.png

    Screenshot 2021-04-25 224242.png

    Screenshot 2021-04-25 224309.png

    Screenshot 2021-04-25 224338.png

    Screenshot 2021-04-25 224403.png

  5. Thanks for the tips.


    The helmet I have now is borrowed. It's not auto darkening. I'm not sure what the shade number is but all I can see is the arc. I can't see the puddle behind it so I'm thinking it's too dark for this.


    I'm working on consistent speed, the ideal distance of the nozzle from the steel, and tweaking the voltage and feed speed.

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  6. It's a forney 140 flux core. Wire is .03.  I literally just started yesterday (having only used arc welders in high school shop class almost 30 years ago). I practiced on a few pieces but I'm not the most patient person. I don't much care how it looks as long as it holds together. I threw it on the floor a few times and nothing fell off. Haha

  7. I'm trying to keep it smallish because I don't have a very large work area. In the pic, the blue line is the belt. Green is attached to the motor and yellow are rollers.

    (The two rendered pics are before I added the fifth roller). As it sits the belt path is 71.2 inches. Total length is 25". Height is 19".


    Belt tracking adjustment isn't in the pics by the way.


    Go easy. I'm not a mechanical designer. :)





  8. Well... It looks like the forge weld was good. This is after etching but not sanded above 80 grit. I couldn't wait any longer to try it. :D

    I also ground through the 15n20 core. This is just an experiment piece though so I call it a success. :)


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