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  1. No suggestions from me but I'm very interested in seeing your results.
  2. I *love* moon photos! An advantage to having a DSLR with lenses is that you can get wide field shots. I am close enough. I have a friend that attends y'all's events.
  3. This was my first post here but it definitely won't be my last. "I have my suspicions about this one as well, since it's really tough to get a good pic like that and there are literally thousands of images readily available online, but I give everyone the benefit of doubt." You can rest assured that I am here for forging. I just came across the photo section and thought I'd post these. I have many more of other nebulae and several galaxies. "With film, exposure time was measured in minutes to hours. I don't have a clue what it's down to now with a really good CCD, but I'd gu
  4. Sorry folks. Apparently I hadn't subscribed to the thread. The top one is indeed the Horsehead Nebula. The bottom one is the Flame Nebula. It's also in the HH photo on the left side of the image. Several years ago I was an astrophotographer. Capturing the night sky one photon at a time. These are long exposure images taken through a telescope with a Canon DSLR.
  5. It's back in the forge now for more welding passes. Appreciate the reply Alan.
  6. It looks like the forge weld was successful aside from the edges. 1084 jacket with a 15n20 core. Can someone advise me about the edges?
  7. Here are two astrophotos that I took. The beauty in the night sky goes unrealized my most.
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