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  1. Had an old friend ask for a knife to give to one of our mutual friends that we both served with in the navy. She likes purple and cool colors so I figured this would be a good fit. AEB-L, sent out for heat treat. Boxelder burl and African Blackwood. Also featuring my new and improved makers mark. Thanks for looking!
  2. Finally back at building the forge/burner. Life really gets in the way of these wonderful hobbies sometimes. I decided to go the ribbon burner route following instructions from Wayne’s page. I just have to cast it and get everything put together. I’ll attach a photo of the pipes. I have a lot of unnecessary length on them and will most likely lose a lot of them. I guess it just depends on my setup for the cart I’ll be using and how much length I end up needing.
  3. Hello everyone, I haven’t been working on the new forge lately. Had a lot of stuff come up recently. Anyway, I saw that most plans for a ribbon burner use a piece of steel square stock. I didn’t have any on hand, so I welded up some 3” by 3/16” flat stock I had laying around. My welding skills are terrible so my thought process here is that I should probably make sure this thing is air tight, right? Any ideas on how I might test it out? Thanks! This is the only photo I had taken during the build. I have a fully welded box now that I’ll weld a 2” pipe to. I wan
  4. Thanks for the input. You guys rock! I’ll be sure to order some of that liquid sealant. As long as I have no issues during assembly, I’ll just continue soapy water leak tests regularly.
  5. Hey all, So I just ordered a few fittings to start the top portion of my ribbon burner. Not knowing anything about plumbing or pipe fittings, I saw the black pipe options between imported and domestic and just went with the cheaper imported route. I figured it couldn’t be that bad. Does anyone have any insight here? Should I reorder domestic pipes and fittings? I was just trying to save some cash. Thanks
  6. Valid points Alex and Brian! That actually makes me feel a lot better
  7. Thanks Alan! I appreciate the tip on the ball valve. I’m overly cautious with all of this because I have a somewhat irrational fear of explosions. Not quite a phobia.. but enough to make me cautious and somewhat nervous of building my own burner. Anyway, I appreciate any additional safety tips. The more I read, the more I’m starting to appreciate the simplicity of a blown burner. It makes me feel more confident building one.
  8. Thanks for the heads up Ted! I appreciate you clearing that up for me. After looking over Wayne’s site, I’m considering giving the ribbon burner a go! And I’ll source what parts I can from him.
  9. Wayne, I appreciate the recommendation and have looked at your site. I was kind of leaning away from a ribbon burner because I was afraid it would be a little too complicated. However, I am intrigued and now considering building a ribbon burner. I think I’ll be in touch for some of your casting and a 1/4” needle valve. It’ll make me feel better getting it from you.
  10. This might be a dumb question… and I apologize if it is. This is a burner I bought a while back when I was just using a simple brick forge for heat treat. Currently building a new forge with a blown burner. If I were to use this line and regulator for the propane tank attachment, would I be able to attach that to the needle valve? Or maybe I could somehow use that part I’ve circled in red as that’s what the hose connects to? Sorry, I don’t know anything about all of the fittings and connections being used.
  11. Thanks Alex! That’s what I’ll go with!
  12. I added two layers of 1” 8# ceramic fiber blanket, got it all sorts of rigid, applied Kast-O-Lite 30, wrapped it in a wet towel and sealed it up in a trash bag to cure.. and wouldn’t you know it… I forgot to cut my burner hole I’m really hoping I can just drill through the refractory. Thoughts? Also pictured, my blower came in! Even has a nifty little intake adjustment, although I think I’ll still install something like a gate valve. I’m still searching for a forced air burner plan that I’ll for sure follow. Any links to plans that worked for you would be appreciated!
  13. Thanks Geoff! Yeah I wasn’t really sure if the chain would be necessary or not. I figured if it helps, cool. If not, whatever! But I’ll probably go pull it off later. I’m so happy that the anvil I ended up with came from family. It makes it so much better and has a lot more meaning to it. I hope my grand kids will use it someday!
  14. I just finished layering and rigidizing the ceramic fiber for my new forge. Can’t wait to hammer on this thing. I couldn’t flatten/shorten the stump I found. It was eating up the chainsaw blade I was borrowing so I decided to glue and bolt a bunch of 2x10s together, sanded down the top and set the anvil down with a layer of caulk. This thing is quiet!!
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