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  1. Hello everyone, I haven’t been working on the new forge lately. Had a lot of stuff come up recently. Anyway, I saw that most plans for a ribbon burner use a piece of steel square stock. I didn’t have any on hand, so I welded up some 3” by 3/16” flat stock I had laying around. My welding skills are terrible so my thought process here is that I should probably make sure this thing is air tight, right? Any ideas on how I might test it out? Thanks! This is the only photo I had taken during the build. I have a fully welded box now that I’ll weld a 2” pipe to. I wan
  2. Thanks for the input. You guys rock! I’ll be sure to order some of that liquid sealant. As long as I have no issues during assembly, I’ll just continue soapy water leak tests regularly.
  3. Hey all, So I just ordered a few fittings to start the top portion of my ribbon burner. Not knowing anything about plumbing or pipe fittings, I saw the black pipe options between imported and domestic and just went with the cheaper imported route. I figured it couldn’t be that bad. Does anyone have any insight here? Should I reorder domestic pipes and fittings? I was just trying to save some cash. Thanks
  4. Valid points Alex and Brian! That actually makes me feel a lot better
  5. Thanks Alan! I appreciate the tip on the ball valve. I’m overly cautious with all of this because I have a somewhat irrational fear of explosions. Not quite a phobia.. but enough to make me cautious and somewhat nervous of building my own burner. Anyway, I appreciate any additional safety tips. The more I read, the more I’m starting to appreciate the simplicity of a blown burner. It makes me feel more confident building one.
  6. Thanks for the heads up Ted! I appreciate you clearing that up for me. After looking over Wayne’s site, I’m considering giving the ribbon burner a go! And I’ll source what parts I can from him.
  7. Wayne, I appreciate the recommendation and have looked at your site. I was kind of leaning away from a ribbon burner because I was afraid it would be a little too complicated. However, I am intrigued and now considering building a ribbon burner. I think I’ll be in touch for some of your casting and a 1/4” needle valve. It’ll make me feel better getting it from you.
  8. This might be a dumb question… and I apologize if it is. This is a burner I bought a while back when I was just using a simple brick forge for heat treat. Currently building a new forge with a blown burner. If I were to use this line and regulator for the propane tank attachment, would I be able to attach that to the needle valve? Or maybe I could somehow use that part I’ve circled in red as that’s what the hose connects to? Sorry, I don’t know anything about all of the fittings and connections being used.
  9. Thanks Alex! That’s what I’ll go with!
  10. I added two layers of 1” 8# ceramic fiber blanket, got it all sorts of rigid, applied Kast-O-Lite 30, wrapped it in a wet towel and sealed it up in a trash bag to cure.. and wouldn’t you know it… I forgot to cut my burner hole I’m really hoping I can just drill through the refractory. Thoughts? Also pictured, my blower came in! Even has a nifty little intake adjustment, although I think I’ll still install something like a gate valve. I’m still searching for a forced air burner plan that I’ll for sure follow. Any links to plans that worked for you would be appreciated!
  11. Thanks Geoff! Yeah I wasn’t really sure if the chain would be necessary or not. I figured if it helps, cool. If not, whatever! But I’ll probably go pull it off later. I’m so happy that the anvil I ended up with came from family. It makes it so much better and has a lot more meaning to it. I hope my grand kids will use it someday!
  12. I just finished layering and rigidizing the ceramic fiber for my new forge. Can’t wait to hammer on this thing. I couldn’t flatten/shorten the stump I found. It was eating up the chainsaw blade I was borrowing so I decided to glue and bolt a bunch of 2x10s together, sanded down the top and set the anvil down with a layer of caulk. This thing is quiet!!
  13. My father in law just brought it over earlier tonight! Man am I excited! I started taking a wire wheel to it but started losing sunlight. I figured I’d go ahead and post what progress I’ve made and what markings I’ve found. I still can’t make out any numbers on the feet that tell me how much it weighs. I have my wife’s scale charging right now so I’m going to weigh it shortly. Steel ball bearing bounces very nicely. It’s verryy close to bouncing all the way back to my hand! The face seems to be in really good shape from what I can tell. This is the only anvil
  14. Man, that would be awesome! Can’t wait to find out
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