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  1. My brothers girlfriend is a avid hiker, naturalist and forages for mushrooms etc. I built a foraging knife for her, it’s a small blade with stabilized box elder handle and mosaic pins . I used 1084 and 15n20 for the blade. I wanted the brush to be simple and replaceable so I used a natural fiber threaded through a ¼” hole at the butt of the handle and used a whipping to secure it. The sheath is a Sheridan style with a fringe I made from some 3 oz leather. I am a beginner and want to thank all the experienced bladesmiths who post because I am learning a lot from you all.
  2. I’m a beginner and new to the forums. This is my latest knife I made for a friend. Im working on my next knife and followed some of the advice on the forums about using some good files instead of a belt sander. I was able to get real symmetrical bevels and the knife was a lot better in quality. I’ll post when I get it finished.
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