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  1. I love the handles as well as the sheaths. Beautiful knives
  2. Damascus is beautiful, like the handle a lot too
  3. That is a good looking axe
  4. Thanks Clint, I appreciate the feedback too. I didn’t have any templates or anything so I used a set of French curves to design the clip point. I would be interested in other ways of doing them, I read a few threads in the forums but haven’t done any extensive research on Bowie design. Just by seeing examples it seems there is a lot of variety.
  5. Thank you Gary. I wouldn’t have learned as much without being able to access so much knowledge from the community here.
  6. I just recently finished my second Bowie knife. I’m learning more about fit up with hidden tangs and dealing with guards. I used a technique I read on the forums by drilling out the inside of the antler and using the marine putty. I forged a s shaped guard for it but it was not very tight fit so I used brass. It’s 13 inch blade, 150 layer Damascus, with red stag handle. Pictures below are right after fitup without final sharpening.
  7. I had been using resolene and tan kote for finishes on my leather. I do Western carving on my sheaths and use the resolene as a resist and tan kote as a top coat. I resently used fieblings pro resist before antique. It is amazing stuff, works as advertised bringing out hues In the leather. I followed with tan kote then another layer of pro resist as a top coat since tan coat doesn’t seem gray with water. It is a excellent product and highly recommend it for anyone looking to experiment with their finishing. The sheath in the picture has stain applied for color but you can still get an i
  8. My brothers girlfriend is a avid hiker, naturalist and forages for mushrooms etc. I built a foraging knife for her, it’s a small blade with stabilized box elder handle and mosaic pins . I used 1084 and 15n20 for the blade. I wanted the brush to be simple and replaceable so I used a natural fiber threaded through a ¼” hole at the butt of the handle and used a whipping to secure it. The sheath is a Sheridan style with a fringe I made from some 3 oz leather. I am a beginner and want to thank all the experienced bladesmiths who post because I am learning a lot from you all.
  9. I’m a beginner and new to the forums. This is my latest knife I made for a friend. Im working on my next knife and followed some of the advice on the forums about using some good files instead of a belt sander. I was able to get real symmetrical bevels and the knife was a lot better in quality. I’ll post when I get it finished.
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