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  1. Twist Damascus looks great. Love the choice of materials
  2. Thanks Doug, the handle feels pretty good. The bullnose isn’t as dramatic as the picture in real, but I would reduce it a little if I did it over again. It’s not noticeable when you grab it but for aesthetic. The wood is some local walnut.
  3. I forged some ball bearings in a can and made this small Bowie. I think this Damascus looks best with a super deep etch with no coloring, it looked odd with dark color contrast like polka dot. I did a through tang and I don’t have a lathe so for the pommel nut I drilled a piece of copper rod, tapped it, and tapered it on my grinder so that it made a press type fit in the pommel. This may be obvious but it was a “self invention” for me lol. I
  4. Pretty knife. Really like the handle
  5. Looking good, that is a challenging project. I like the handle badge
  6. Thanks guys, the wood was a spalted maple burl scales. I really liked them too my wife got me them for Christmas present
  7. I finished this project over the weekend, my first frame handle Bowie. I forged the frame portion out of mild steel and welded a bar on the inside and did a threaded tang into it. I gun blued the fittings with salts from brownells for the first time that was pretty cool. This was the first knife too that I made each part all the way to final sanding before assembly. I used hitachi steel I got from New Jersey steel baron, it has a hamon without using clay and no etching which is pretty cool. All and all super fun project.
  8. I used the mirror technique you posted about in fit and finish for my bevel centerline and my guard. Pretty cool it was very helpful checking symmetry.
  9. Thanks Doug, I used 410 stainless. I had some scrap 304 someone gave me but it was terrible to work with. It welded initially but it had such diffent properties than the carbon it just tore apart trying to press it together. The 410 is actually forgable. You have to clean really good and fully weld (I did tig but you could do mig or stick) all seams so you can do a oxygen free forge weld. Although the 410 is foragable I just made a billet then annealed and grinded then knife out.
  10. Haven’t posted any projects recently but I finished a dagger made of ss and carbon steel. The handle is rosewood with a micarta spacer and brass guard. The grinding was challenging on it, looking forward to trying another one.
  11. I really like your leather work, knife looks great at well.
  12. Very pretty spear, what kind of wood did you use
  13. Gary, I think it was 80crv2 and I had some thicker pieces of 15n20. I stacked them thick create the three layers. I got some “in between” layers of a mix of 15n20 and the 80crv2 that came through when I did the grind. Only way I can describe it, I’m not sure if it was the thick layers or something with the forging process, you can see some slightly shiny areas outside of the bands of 15n20. That is why I didn’t go for a super high contrast type etch because they looked splotchy. I did etch it really deep though probably 10 to 15 etches so the 15n20 stands out in a noticeable depth from the main part of the blade. I might experiment more with it and try a crushed w or something because its was a one stack Damascus which can be nice instead of restacking over and over
  14. Haven’t posted anything in awhile, I did this Damascus Bowie with antler handle. It’s a through tang with a threaded pommel. The guard is brass to match. I have done some other Bowie like this without as much clip and no ricasso. I like the feel of it. The Damascus is a whopping three layer twist and I practiced some vine filework on the top. Sheath is a 10oz Sheridan style carved one seam construction.
  15. I love the handles as well as the sheaths. Beautiful knives
  16. Damascus is beautiful, like the handle a lot too
  17. That is a good looking axe
  18. Thanks Clint, I appreciate the feedback too. I didn’t have any templates or anything so I used a set of French curves to design the clip point. I would be interested in other ways of doing them, I read a few threads in the forums but haven’t done any extensive research on Bowie design. Just by seeing examples it seems there is a lot of variety.
  19. Thank you Gary. I wouldn’t have learned as much without being able to access so much knowledge from the community here.
  20. I just recently finished my second Bowie knife. I’m learning more about fit up with hidden tangs and dealing with guards. I used a technique I read on the forums by drilling out the inside of the antler and using the marine putty. I forged a s shaped guard for it but it was not very tight fit so I used brass. It’s 13 inch blade, 150 layer Damascus, with red stag handle. Pictures below are right after fitup without final sharpening.
  21. I had been using resolene and tan kote for finishes on my leather. I do Western carving on my sheaths and use the resolene as a resist and tan kote as a top coat. I resently used fieblings pro resist before antique. It is amazing stuff, works as advertised bringing out hues In the leather. I followed with tan kote then another layer of pro resist as a top coat since tan coat doesn’t seem gray with water. It is a excellent product and highly recommend it for anyone looking to experiment with their finishing. The sheath in the picture has stain applied for color but you can still get an idea of how it helps bring out shades of color much better than resolene in my opinion.
  22. My brothers girlfriend is a avid hiker, naturalist and forages for mushrooms etc. I built a foraging knife for her, it’s a small blade with stabilized box elder handle and mosaic pins . I used 1084 and 15n20 for the blade. I wanted the brush to be simple and replaceable so I used a natural fiber threaded through a ¼” hole at the butt of the handle and used a whipping to secure it. The sheath is a Sheridan style with a fringe I made from some 3 oz leather. I am a beginner and want to thank all the experienced bladesmiths who post because I am learning a lot from you all.
  23. I’m a beginner and new to the forums. This is my latest knife I made for a friend. Im working on my next knife and followed some of the advice on the forums about using some good files instead of a belt sander. I was able to get real symmetrical bevels and the knife was a lot better in quality. I’ll post when I get it finished.
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