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  1. Appreciate the info. I've heard it's rough to work. My thought was those bearing races are already so close to a knife shape it wouldn't take much hammering. They're wide on one side and pretty much have a bevel already ground on the other. For a tanto, I'd pretty much just use the ridge already on them and hammer out the tip, then go right down the back of the blade for the taper. Any advice on nailing the heat treat?
  2. The bowie actually did take a warp on quench. I put it between 2 pieces of angle iron on my vise and let it finish cooling. Took the warp right out. Perks to being a forged in fire fan I guess, I have at least learned a few neat tricks. As for the stress fractures in the bowie, those had to either come from the heat treat itself or from hammering when it wasn't hot enough. I'm thinking the latter. As for the seax, after quench I let it air cool to the touch before grinding. Maybe 30 mins or so. Took a break. Grabbed a bite to eat So im not sure exactly how long it was. My intention was to take
  3. The bowie had been tempered. Tempered it within a couple hours if the quench. The seax didn't make it that far. I was grinding forge scale off after the quench when it slipped out of my fingers, hit the concrete, and popped right in two.
  4. Appreciate the encouragement. Think I'm gonna try to make a tanto out of one of the bearing races next. Already so close to the shape once I unroll it. Figure the failed blades are just paying my dues.
  5. Well, broke 2 blades. First one was the bowie I'd been working on. Gave it a couple LIGHT taps on a log near my bench. Fell right apart. Grain looks good, but clearly a micro crack right on the edge, and a hammer mark inclusion on the side. So I'd been working on a seax, also. Heat treat done. File felt like it was digging, so I heat treated again.. file still digs slightly but not as bad. Sanded off the forge scale and it skates beautifully. OK well files bite forge scale 10 4. Dropped it. Popped it right in two. Grain looks like crap. Extremely brittle from two quenches. Time to start over.
  6. Thats mine from my first fire up the other day. Mid progress on my bowie. I'm guessing the brick in the bottom should help prolong the fiber a bit longer. I do want to learn Damascus though. Hopefully I can manage without the Flux eating everything. Here's the bowie immediately after heat treat. Tang is a bit bent and I missed that before heat treat, but I've since fixed it with the grind. Made from an old file.
  7. I appreciate the heads up, it came with a rigidizer and stated that it had to be applied before use. I did so. I have questions in regards to that too, but I didn't want to be dropping a ton of new threads without trying to do some searching for old threads first. Hadn't gotten to that one yet, but since its come up, how long approximately should I be expecting the liner to last? What are the signs to look for that its going bad before I fry the forge?
  8. Thank you guys, for the help so far. I'm told on tractor trailers like what we run, from our mechanic (who is also a smith) that the races are 52100. Duly noted on the bolts probably being too low on carbon. I'll definitely do some testing. So far I've successfully completed one blade. Failed the heat treat on my first go, cause my forge was crap. Home made mini-forge from a you tube tutorial. Just didn't get hot enough. Since then I purchased a 2 burner propane from devil forge. Seems solid so far. Definitely gets hot. Made a bowie type blade that I'll have a handle on here in a couple days.
  9. Good afternoon. New here. Have lots of questions so i figure I'd better get started. I'll say, one advantage of my line of work is that I have ready access to a few different types of steel scrap free of charge. Our mechanic shop has a fairly constant flow of truck hubs for me to yank the bearing races out of free of charge, and there's usually a few busted leaf spring stacks laying around. Pretty sure the leaf springs are 1060 and the races/bearings are 52100. Also, bring oilfield I can find various wellsite scrap. One thing I immediately noticed was the old bolts that are often laying around
  10. Hey yall. Just joined, figured I'd take the time to introduce myself. I'm new to bladesmithing, but its something that I've always felt has been coming for me. My day job is as a tanker driver in the oilfields of Oklahoma. I'm former USMC, and also an avid outdoorsman, archer, bow maker, hunter, and fisherman.
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