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  1. Thank you! I have lurked for a long time, but thought I might have something to add today. The drawing is in Vegards tweet as well, so Ill just edit it out. Well, you know - had to do a bit better than tinfoil
  2. Hi, Im debuting with a necropost here -hope its still relevant. I have worked with a reconstruction of this axe for a while now. A friend wanted a good reproduction to do the inlays on. The millimeter precision desired proved quite a challenge with traditional methods, so it took me an embarrassing number of attempts. Vegard Vike has an interesting tweet on it here: https://twitter.com/VegardVike/status/1322565788692262913?fbclid=IwAR2muRRT8h8PR19CXDxouwZc7_SisDIY0bVVn9SghxW6p6kzNmf83DoGaI0 We discussed it and agree that the common reconstruction of the langets is probably wrong. One of them has a flat unbroken edge, so its likely that they were all like that. This fits the Petersen L type , which it also shares blade shape and thickness with. More details in the tweet.
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